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Issue 144, September 8, 2008
In the news
Warhammer Online open bet started over the weekend, marking the final stage before the game's launch on September 18th.

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Game Update 48: Breaking Ground for EverQuest II launched last week.

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Games Campus announced the official launch of Asda Story last week, after earlier delays.

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Featured Article: Jumpgate Evolution: PAX Hands-On Report

At this year's Penny Arcade Expo, Carolyn Koh had the opportunity to get her first hands-on look at NetDevil's upcoming MMORPG, Jumpgate Evolution. In her report., she talks about controls, the feel of the game and how it managed to somehow avoid activating her motion sickness.

I was a little apprehensive as I sat down to play as I am susceptible to vertigo, otherwise known as motion sickness. I've never been able to play a space game. One roll in Wing Commander (1990) and I was done for. I didn't do too well with space combat simulation games that followed either. Star Wars X-Wing / Tie Fighter? Privateer? Descent: Free Space? Forget it! So, you can't blame me for getting excited when I found that I could play the entire newbie mission in Jumpgate: Evolution without getting sick. My take on Jumpgate: Evolution suddenly went from "Cool concept, nice graphics." to "Omigosh, I can play a 3-D space flight game!"

You can read the full article here.
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On-Site: Videos

Last week features a host of game trailers and interviews including new trailers for Darkfall, and Runes of Magic.

We also continued our series of Under the Tree interviews with Erling Ellingsen, Product Manager for Age of Conan. Watch Part One and Part Two of that interview.

Watch more videos here.

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This week's Game of the Week is Runes of Magic.

Runes of Magic is a fantasy MMORPG which is free to download and operates under a business model with no monthly fees, but with the 3D graphics and style one wouldn't normally expect from a free to play game.

We had the opportunity to catch up with the folks behind Runes of Magic while attending the Leipzig Games Convention in Germany. Follow the links to watch the interview or the media presentation.

Learn more about Runes of Magic, here, or check out our game list here.
The Week that Was
Monday, September 1
Warhammer Online : Age of Reckoning: Correspondent - Bringing Back "Guild Life"

Tuesday, September 2
Star Wars Galaxies: The First Rule of Star Wars Galaxies PvP

Wednesday, September 3
Dungeon Runners: PAX Dungeon Runners Update

Thursday, September 4
Sword of the New World: Correspondent - Surviving Nocturnal Sonata

Friday, September 5
Age of Conan: Correspondent - Necromancer Guide
Did You Know?
Did you know that Darkfall has been in development for a long time? The game was originally announced with the launch of their official website back in August of 2001. Over the years the game has been controversial, and has been referred to as vaporware on more than one occasion, but the developers are poised for vindication, having recently launched a new trailer featuring in-game footage and announcing their beta schedule.
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