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Issue 134, June 30th, 2008
In the news
The folks over at Sony Online Entertainment are celebrating an anniversary. It was 2003 when Star Wars Galaxies launched, and after some controversial decisions, the game is still up and running. Congratulations to the dev team!

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Vivox, the company that is taking MMORPG in-game voice chat by storm, is set to begin on another game as Sony Online Entertainment announced this week that the service is currently live on the EverQuest II test server.

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Everyone here at is pleased to report that over the June 21st - 22nd weekend, we celebrated the 2 millionth post in our forums. The entire staff would like to thank the community here for their continued support, and making this their home for all things MMORPG.

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Hardware Review

On June 25th, Managing Editor Jon Wood submitted his review of the ZBoard Keyboard and the Age of Conan specific keyset. Here is an example of what he thought:

  • I can't speak very highly of the standard keyboard attachment. Using it, I found that half the time, my shift key, space bar or various other keys simply wouldn't work. I thought at first that it may have been something that I had done.
  • This was a pretty consistent problem for the AoC keyset and on its own would be justification for a low mark. I also know what some of you are thinking.
  • Having tried the keyboard with a number of games, I can confidently recommend the gaming keyboard to pretty much anyone.
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On-Site: Volunteer Opportunities

We're changing our volunteer program here at, and we want you to be a part of it!

While we are scaling back on our search for editorialists, you can still submit your name to become a volunteer in-game correspondent.

Game Correspondents will be responsible for keeping up-to-date with their assigned games, covering everything from reviews to unique features to major patches and updates. You will have the opportunity to voice your opinions about the game's progress and share your thoughts with the community at large.

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Project Top Secret, the MMORPG being developed by a community of more than 60,000 people, has announced the winner of their design contest.

Those who contributed to the project were competing for the chance to be named director of the game. In the end, Michael "Doran" Zummo came out on top. From their press release:

Mike will be offered the biggest career bump in the industry as he's offered the directorship of an upcoming game from Acclaim Games, working with David Perry as Executive Producer.

Learn more about Project Top Secret, here, or check out our game list here.
The Week that Was
Monday, June 23
LotRO Book 14 interview

Tuesday, June24
WAR Career Interview Pt. 1

Wednesday, June 25
ZBoard Review

Thursday, June 26
Perfect World Q&A

Friday, June 27
Runes of Magic Starting Area
Did You Know? News Manager Keith Cross is currently in California visiting Cryptic Studios and is getting some valuable informaiton on and hands-on time with the upcoming MMORPG, Champions Online.

We look forward to his reports.

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