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Issue 132, June 16, 2008
In the news
CCP successfully launched the Empyrean Age, the eighth free expansion to EVE Online, last week. The Empyrean Age marks a drastic change in the backstory and political landscape of EVE with the outbreak of war between the game's major factions.

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Lockpick Entertainment announced that Dreamlords The Reawakening, their free to play MMORTS will launch on Wednesday June 18.

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CCP announced the dates and details of the 2008 EVE Fanfest, which will take place from November 6th to 8th at Laugardalur in Reykjavik, Iceland.

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Featured Article

On Friday, Funcom distributed a press release outlining their future plans for expanding and improving Age of Conan.

PvP evolved - To the Death

The great combat system in Age of Conan has taken MMO fighting to a new level of fun, and Player versus Player combat plays a major part in this. As a result, a massive new PvP update is planned for late June. Aptly called To the death, this update brings more consequence and rewards to PvP, and an important part of it is the Fugitive system. The more lower level players you kill, the easier it is for others to hunt you down. In addition, ten PvP levels with additional ranks will be introduced, as well as specific gear and weapons for PvP.

Guild Alliance Warfare

Preproduction has started on a MASSIVE free update which will come later this year. Currently titled "Kingship!", large clusters of guilds will be able to form alliances, and rule and conquer on a massive scale. Everyone in a guild alliance will play a part in this system, and together they can even erect unique looking alliance Battlekeeps. The alliances can also fight over, and build, culture-specific "wonders of the world", with a direct link to higher powers! As part of the system Funcom will also facilitate larger amounts of players in massive battles.

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On-Site: Guild Tool!

When you're searching for a new guild, sorting by alphabetical order or looking for the coolest name just doesn't cut it. is proud to present the Guild List. Made by gamers, for gamers, this tool allows you to search guilds on your game/server based on relevent terms - like raid times, recruitment status, and guild focus.

Whether you're looking for a new guild, looking for new members, or just want to immortalize your guild's status on your server, we invite you to add your guild!

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In keeping with this week's Nordic theme, we have chosen Anarchy Online as our Game of the Week.

While we have been hearing a lot lately about some issues at launch, it says something about this game that it is still up and running seven years later. Some companies might be tempted to give up on a game of this age, especially with a new game on their hands. To Funcom's credit though, not only are they still supporting Anarchy Online, but the game is set to get a new engine makeover.

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The Week that Was
Monday, June 9
Battleground Europe: WWII Online - Seven Year Anniversary Dev Journal

Tuesday, June 10
Age of Conan - Anatomy of a Launch - Part One

Wednesday, June 11
Age of Conan - Anatomy of a Launch - Part Two

Thursday, June 12
Hello Kitty Online - Beta Preview

Friday, June 13
Age of Conan - Dev Profile - Gaute Godager
Did You Know?

Did you know that David and Richard Darling, the brothers who co-founded Codemasters, were recently made Commanders of the Order of the British Empire for 'their services to the computer games industry.' That's one rank below a knighthood, although what special powers they unlock for achieving this rank still remains unclear.

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