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MMORPG.com Newsletter Issue 13, February 13th, 2006
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On February 6th (Monday), EVE Online announced that they had broken the 100,000 subscriber mark. This is quite the milestone for the popular sci-fi MMORPG. Read the article here.

On February 7th (Tuesday) MMORPG.com reported that James Cameron is looking to get into the MMORPG business. The games, he said, can be used as a vehicle for people to become familiar with the setting of a movie before the movie launches, creating a whole new level of immersion. Get this story, here.

On February 8th (Wednesday), The Chronicles of Spellborn announed that they had signed yet another musical act to be a part of their game. This time around, it's Dutch rock group "Within Temptation". The group has been signed on to provide, "exclusive songs to be featured in the worldwide in-game introduction events surrounding the release of the upcoming online PC game The Chronicles of Spellborn". To get the news, click here.
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With Dungeons and Dragons Online: Stormreach scheduled for launch on February 28th, I thought it might be fun to take a trip back in time. The date? October 26th, 2004. The interview? DDO Lead Designer Ken Troop. Does the vision of the product from then compare with the actual product that we have today? You be the judge. Below, we offer you only a sample of what is, all in all, an interesting old interview:

MMORPG.COM: Many MMORPG players lament that few titles have captured the soul of pen and paper (PnP) gaming. How close to the PnP experience do you want Dungeons & Dragons Online to be?

Ken Troop: We've known from day one that we're not doing a straight conversion of the PnP rules, but our number one goal is to capture, as you put it, the "soul" of PnP Dungeons & Dragons. In a nutshell, we interpret this as getting together with a group of your friends and sharing thrilling, memorable adventures.

And we're still trying to keep the rules as close to PnP as possible - we really want a player to be able to take their in-game character's stats and bring it into a PnP game with little or no adjustment.

To read the full interview, Here.
Does this interview stack up with the game we have today? Let us know, click here.

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This week's Saturday Debate dealt with the issue of crafting. Should it or should it not take a leading role in MMORPGs. it seems as if people either love the idea of crafting, or they absolutely and intolerably hate the idea of crafting.

As of publication of this newsletter though (February 13th), based on 194 votes, 87.6% of those who voted in the poll said that crafting should indeed play an important role in MMORPGs. Many of our readers have already weighed in on this most interesting issue. Below, you will find just a small sample of what people had to say.

  • I'm not a big crafter, so I vote no. I actually hate crafting. I hate spending time farming for crap, I hate the doing the same monotonous bull day and day out. Crafting is not adventurous, therefore, it should be left to NPCs. - Brostyn
  • You don't have to rely on others to craft - or like crafting. Make a secondary character to do just that, if you think players are charging too much. Isn't that what most of us do? - paldarion
  • I think crafting in high leveled games should only be for mature players only. I mean, it's then you can either forge a bond of trust between you and you're supplier or, make a shady deal and, get a bad reputation. An auction house like WoW has is perfect for all this but, making friends with a crafter, can be much more rewarding. It's then a relationship between players is made cause of crafting. I like it and it should stay in games. Now.. party members, fighting and, rare drops.. that's a different story :).... - Betrayal-X

Would you like to add your two cents to this excellent debate? Give it a read first!!

Go ahead and add your thoughts to the debate, click here!

Game of the Week

Game of the week

This week's Game of the Week is one of the most popular and enduring MMORPGs on the market today.

I don't think that anyone could possibly pin down an exact reason for Dark Age of Camelot's success. Mythic has done an excellent job on this title that still manages to hold a strong player base after a good deal of time.

One of the reasons for this game's continued popularity has got to be the fact that they seem to be constantly updating, fixing issues and bringing new things to their game. Dark Age of Camelot is also quite well known for their RvR content and strong story which appeal to all aspects of the MMORPG community.

After many expansions and previews and reviews, you can read up on many aspects of this game in the DAoC section of our site.


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