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Issue 128, May 19, 2008
In the news
It seems that North America and Europe won't be the only ones to enjoy the RvR goodness this Fall when Warhammer Online launches. Last week, the company announced that Australia, New Zeland and parts of Southeast Asia will see a simultaneous launch as well.

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Funcom announced roughly one week prior to launch that more than one million people had signed up for the Age of Conan beta and that there have been over five million visitors to the Age of Conan official site.

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With many months still to go before launch, the folks at Stargate Worlds have announced that over 100,000 people have applied for the Stargate Worlds Closed Beta.

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Featured Content: Age of Conan Videos

Last week, members of's editorial staff traveled to Oslo Norway to take part in a pre-launch media event. They came back with a lot of footage. The first of it appears on our site now in the form of three videos:

Interview with Conan Composer:

While attending a launch event in Oslo, Norway, Managing Editor Jon Wood had the opportunity to speak with Knut Avenstroup Haugen, the composer of the Age of Conan soundtrack.

Combat Presentation Part One

At a recent live presentation of Funcom`s Age of Conan, Gaute Godager and Erling Ellingsen demonstrated the different forms of combat in their game. In part one of the presentation the guys talked primarily about the melee combat combo system and the aimable ranged combat.

Player Cities Presentation

At a recent live presentation of Funcom`s Age of Conan, Gaute Godager and Erling Ellingsen demonstrated the player built cities that are one of the perks of guild membership in-game, a unique process that closer recalls games like The Sims or Age of Empires than it does any previous MMO.

Featured Article: ION Interview with Victor Wachter's Carolyn Koh attended the ION conference in Seattle last week. Her first article is an interview with Cryptic Studios' Community Manager Victor Wachter about their upcoming game, Champions Online.

Cryptic Studios has stirred the waters recently with a few announcements. They announced that they had sold their City of Heroes/Villains game to NCSoft, they had ceased development of Marvel Universe Online and they announced a new game in development, Champions Online.

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This week's Game of the Week honors couldn't go to any game but Funcom's Age of Conan. With early access already underway and the game going into full launch on Tuesday, anticipation is high for this loincloth-clad MMO new kid.

While AoC isn't Funcom's first dance, it's certainly their biggest, with 111,000 collector's edition boxes printed and 111,000 sold, the company hopes to draw in another 700,000 with that number of boxes being shipped for launch day.

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The Week that Was
Monday, May 12
Dreamlords - Reawakening Developer Journal

Tuesday, May 13
Earthrise - Music Tracks Part Two

Wednesday, May 14
Lord of the Rings Online - Interview with Jeffrey Steefel

Thursday, May 15
Champions Online - ION Interview with Victor Wachter

Friday, May 16
Age of Conan - Video Interview with AoC Composer
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