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Issue 126, May 5th, 2008
In the news
It was a sad week for the remaining fans of The Sims Online as EA announced the game will be shut down permanently on August 1st, 2008.

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Funcom released full details on the various pricing schemes for Age of Conan in the various regions that the game will be released.

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The folks at Stargate Worlds announced that only one day after the announcement that they were accepting registration for the SGW Beta, the number of people who have signed up has swelled to 65,000.

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Age of Conan Beta Coverage

This week the news was dominated by one subject: the Age of Conan Beta. With the announcement that Funcom had chosen Fileplanet to run one beta, and the lifting of the NDA on another there has been a flood of compliments, complaints, and questions. Managing Editor Jon Wood has been working hard throughout the week to sort through the details and bring clarity to this hot topic.

On Tuesday, Jon spoke to Jorgen Tharaldsen, Product Director at Funcom, about the Age of Conan beta, Fileplanet, and other decisions.

In terms of the decision to go with Fileplanet as the distributor of the beta keys rather than either going through a free access website or distributing it themselves, Tharaldsen told us that while they very much wanted to offer an open beta, it was crucial for Funcom to be able to "focus on the game, the closed beta and the launch, and not on the infrastructure related to the Fileplanet Open beta." He went on to tell us that download speed was a consideration in the decision.

Read the full interview here.

On Wednesday, Jon penned a blog on this issue.

Issue: The first thing that I have noticed is that near the end of the 120 replies (and throughout), people are still talking about Funcom making a profit from the beta. People feel that it was a decision made in ordre to "grab a quick buck" before launch.

Jon's theory: Ok, here's my theory on this... I don't think that Funcom is getting any money from the FP beta. The cost involved is Fileplanet's subscription fee. I'm pretty sure that Fileplanet is keeping that money themselves as it's their business model.

Read Jon's Blog entry here.

On Thursday, Jon wrote about his experiences in the Age of Conan Beta. You can read the Beta Preview here.

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There's always something going on on Coming up on Wednesday we'll be testing out Dyyno, a program which allows users to broadcast their game-play, or any other window, across the Internet. On Tuesday, May 13th we'll be be holding a devchat with the folks from EverQuest. Check out the Dyyno test here.

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The Game of the Week honors this time around go to Acclaim's 2Moons. Not only has this MMO recently launched a new update entitled "Bad Moon Rising" that includes new areas, quests, dungeons, gear, and more, but they have also been climbing in popularity.

Over the last month, 2Moons has climbed its way to being the fourth most viewed game at the site, coming in behind Age of Conan, Warhammer Online, and Lord of the Rings Online. Over the last month the game has garnered over 89,000 hits, almost a full ten thousand more than its closest rival.

Learn more about 2Moons, here, or check out our game list here.
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Did You Know?
Did you know that EA's The Sims Online, which announced its closure this week, launched in December of 2002 which means that by the time it shuts its doors on August 1st of 2008, it will have been running for about five and a half years.
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