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MMORPG.com Newsletter Issue 12, Fabruary 6th, 2006
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On January 30th (Monday), MMORPG.com added 4 new games to our games list. The addition of Gekkeiju Online, StarQuest Online, Winter’s Twilight and Archlord have helped to continue the growth of our lists. For more, click here.

On February 1st (Wednesday), we reported that MGM Interactive and Cheyenne Mountain Entertainment have paired up to bring the popular sci-fi franchise, Stargate, to the world of MMORPGs. For more, click here.

On February 2nd (Thursday), RF Online started their beta testing phase. Over a four week period, the developers hope to get as many as 50,000 players into their beta. On February 3rd, they announced that they were opening Phase 2 of their test, which came with a brand new server. click here.
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Now that Auto Assault is getting closer and closer to launch, I thought that it might be fun to take a look back at a much earlier Q&A that we did on the game. Back in July of 2004, Richard Duffek had a chance to fire some questions at Ryan Seabury about the game.

Sure, a year and a half of development might make this Q&A a little bit obsolete, but I think it’s interesting to see where the game was headed back then, and compare the old vision to the one that’s been hitting the screens of beta testers.

MMORPG.COM: First off can you introduce yourself, tell us a little about yourself, what your title is and what you do on the Auto Assault team, and anything you may have worked on in the past?

Ryan: Hi, my name is Ryan Seabury. My official title with NetDevil is Senior Developer. I've done a little bit of a lot on Auto Assault; some programming, some design, and some business. Right now I'm trying to focus more on managing our content design and production to make sure it matches our story consistently, and making sure that everything is fun. My only previous commercial game development experience was with Jumpgate, a MMO space simulator, our first title at NetDevil. Oh, and I sometimes hang used underwear or fresh carrots on the walls of my house as "art."

MMORPG.COM: According to the back story of the game, Earth has suffered an alien attack, during which all of the weapons at our disposal were used and thus the Earth was left in Post-Apocalyptic ruins. How long ago did this war happen?

Ryan: Several alien vessels crash landed on the planet a little over 200 years prior to when the game starts. Technically it wasn't a war so much as just a catastrophe that snowballed into a doomsday scenario. No one ever witnessed any intelligent life from the alien crashes, just strange autonomous devices that seemed uninterested in humanity -- unless a human got too close. The real problems resulted from the contaminations and mutations that started spreading from the crash areas. Things took a turn for the worst when the survivors known as the Humans tried to "clean things up", using a variety of nuclear and chemical scrubbing bubbles of mass destruction (or SBMD). This did a pretty good job of knocking out a lot of indigenous life, but apparently had very little effect on the alien presence (other than the alien craft seem to be more "touchy" now).

January's podcast features an interview with Scott Brown and Todd Keister of Auto Assault. Check it out.
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This week, staff writers Garrett Fuller and Frank Mignone debate a subject that is near and dear to many MMORPG players. Which is better? Skill based, or level based character progression. Garrett takes the position that a class-based system is better, while Frank argues that classes cause limitations that take away from his gameplay experience.

Many of our readers have already weighed in on the subject by replying to the official comment thread for the debate. As of Monday, February 6th at 12:19pm AST, our official poll, based on 316 votes has skill systems way out in front at 81.6% of the vote.

What do you think? Do you have a strong opinion about this subject? Want to find out what everyone else is saying?

Click here.

Game of the Week

Game of the week

This Week’s Game of the Week is Dungeons and Dragons Online: Stormreach. This game, which is currently in development by Turbine Entertainment, may very well have been one of the most anticipated franchises to ever come to the genre. After all, Dungeons and Dragons has been called the father or grandfather of Role Playing games.

The game itself is highly instanced, has twitch-based combat, and works on a modified version of the PnP game’s 3.5 Edition ruleset. Now that the game’s NDA has been lifted, this week, our own Jon Wood brought MMORPG.com readers a preview of the game. His opinions on the game were mixed. Why not head over and give it a read?

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