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Issue 119, March 17, 2008
In the news
At Codemasters Connect '08 last week, the Turbine team announced the first expansion for the company's very successful MMORPG, Lord of the Rings Online. Titled "The Mines of Moria", this new addition will go well beyond their free updates, and bring a plethora of new content to thew game.

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Last week, NCsoft published information on the contents of the upcoming Issue 12: Midnight Hour for City of Heroes and Villains. The free expansion will include epic archetypes for villains, new power sets, a number of game-play changes, the Midnight Squad, and more.

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Word out of SOE is that the MMORPG wing of Sony, Sony Online Entertainment, will now report to the President of Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. The move, it is reported, has been made in order to give the PlayStation a boost through SOE's experience.

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Featured Article: The Council of Stellar Management

Recently, Community Manager Laura Genender had the oportunity to sit down and talk to Petur Oskarsson, a Researcher and Developer at CCP who is currently working on the Council of Stellar Management, EVE's forray into democracy.

Five years ago, at the launch of EVE Online, CCP developers were advised by a council of players, hand-picked from the EVE Online users, based on their playstyles. This practice died out a year after launch, in '04, due to a lack of resources and time...but as EVE grows to become one of the leading sci-fi MMOs, the council is on its way back.

During the Game Developer's Conference I sat down with Petur Oskarsson, Researcher and Developer with CCP. Petur gave me some insights into the upcoming EVE council - the Council of Stellar Management. While the council is an old concept, the new council will be implemented in an entirely different manner.

You can read the full article here.
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On-Site: VanGuard Dev Chat

On Wednesday, March 12th, the developers from SOE's Vanguard: Saga of Heroes stopped by the IRC to talk about their game. Today, we present you with the chat log.

Moonlite: Hi all! Im Sharon Morris, Head GM Moonlite; my team looks after all of your in-game petitions. Nice to see you all!

Ellyra: Hi everyone! I'm Julie aka "Ellyra", the Community Representative for Vanguard. Thanks for showing up, and I hope we can have a great chat!

PhaThom: Hello Everyone! Thom Terrazas here, Producer for Vanguard & mid-level Paladin on Seradon. I want to thank MMORPG for hosting the chat and all of you in attendance. Thank you for coming!

Silius: Hello everyone this is Silius, glad to see you all here.

Gebron: Hello everyone, this is Gebron the Demented... Code Monkey and technical Hub of All Blame. Thanks for coming, and please throw tomatoes at me this time, I still have bruises from the potatoes last chat...

Read the Vanguard Dev Chat Log here.
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This week's game of the week is The Chronicles of Spellborn, a fantasy MMO being developed by European developer Spellborn International.

Don't let the term fantasy fool you though, The Chronicles of Spellborn is a different kind of fantasy beast than the standard Orcs and Elves games typical of the genre. With unique visuals reminiscent of a Tim Burton film, and its many innovations on the traditional MMO, Spellborn has been gaining attention as the project nears completion.

At this year's GDC, News Manager Keith Cross had the opportunity to get a preview of the game, and on Thursday we ran a developer journal which takes a look at the area of Shorath Mesa.

Learn more about The Chronicles of Spellborn, here, or check out our game list here.
The Week that Was
Monday, March 10
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Tuesday, March 11
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Wednesday, March 12
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Thursday, March 13
The Chronicles of Spellborn - Art Journal: Shorath Mesa

Friday, March 14
Jumpgate Evolution - A Look at the Evolution of Evolution
Did You Know?
Did you know that today is St. Patrick's Day; the day when people around the world pretend to be of Irish descent, wear the color green, and celebrate the life of a notorious prude by binge drinking.
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