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Issue 117, March 3, 2008
In the news
NCsoft and ArenaNet announced last week that Guild Wars sales have topped five million in the North American, Asian, and European markets.

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Blizzard posted a statement last week, reaffirming their stance on gold selling, and reminding players of the negative consequences of buying gold and using power-leveling services.

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Funcom is running an interesting promotion, where players are asked to write prayers to the gods of Hyboria for a chance to enter the Age of Conan Beta.

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Featured Article: APB

While at this year's Game Developer's Conference both Keith Cross and Laura Genender attended a seminar called "My First MMO". This seminar was about the upcoming MMO All Points Bulletin. While both Keith and Laura left the room impressed, Keith's impressions were pessimistic, while Laura's was through the roof enthusiastic. Today, we present both of their views as an first look at APB.

Here is an excerpt from each:


[My colleagues] spent a fair share of time trying to shake me out of my hype, but I'm not going to let them rain on my parade. Even if APB doesn't pan out, it's representative of a new and much needed shock to the MMO world: APB is a well funded, well made attempt at something unique and innovative.


I liked what I saw, but it all seems too good to be true. The play sequences were heavily edited, so it's hard to say how smooth the gameplay actually is. Graphics can be easily tweaked and edited to put on a nice show when everything is prerecorded. High minded game concepts and ideals always sound good when presented in an overview format.

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On-Site: Cabal Online Podcast
In a special episode of's podcast, regular co-hosts Jon Wood and Keith Cross are joined by Community Manager Laura Genender as they interview David Hoffman, the Executive Producer at OGPlanet about their release of the North American version of Cabal Online. This interview took place at this year's Game Developers Conference in San Francisco.

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This week's Game of the Week is Nexon's Mabinogi. The game was originally released in the Asian market and is now making its way to players in the North American Market. In true Nexon style, the game is free-to-play. Making use of mini-games, a skill-based system, a unique look and other MMORPG elements, Mabinogi is a game to watch.

At the Game Developer's Conference, Community Manager Laura Genender sat down with the team to talk about their game:

Skills are trained up by using them - the more often you sheer a sheep or play a tune, the better you will do.

As each real-life week passes, so does a year in Mabinogi. Characters start between ages 10 and 17 (the player decides), then grows older by one year every Saturday.

With 7 more Generations already made for the Asian market, content updates will be constant and consistent!

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Did You Know?
Cryptic Studios recently announced they are working on a new superhero MMO called Champions Online? The new game is based on the pen and paper RPG Champions, which was first published in 1981, and is currently in its fifth edition.
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