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Issue 115, February 18, 2008
In the news
Book 12: the Ashen Wastes for Lord of the Rings Online officially launched last week, bringing new features like enhanced customization, and new areas of adventure such as the Delving of Frór.

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Rumors have been floating around for months about the demise of the Marvel MMO being developed by Cryptic Studios. The rumors have now been confirmed by Shane Kim, head of Microsoft Games Studios in a recent interview with the MTV Multiplayer Blog.

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Last week, Funcom posted a brief update on the current goings on in the Age of Conan beta, including playable women, and PvP.

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Review: EVE Online Community Manager Laura Genender has written a review of CCP's EVE Online that we've split into two parts. Part one looks at some of the background of the game and the different aspects of its gameplay. Part two focuses on the traditional review aspects of the game and produces a score.

During my first 14 days of gameplay I was lucky enough to find a group of people committed to helping newbies. I had, in an ignorant sort of way, assumed this was the norm for the EVE community...boy was I wrong.

I won't get into great detail, but the greater population of the game seems to have a general attitude of, "if you aren't my friend you are my income."

While our last EVE review, done in '06, gave the graphics (nearly) equal praise with a 9 out of 10, the latest EVE update Trinity revved up the graphics to a whole new level.

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Featured Article:

Recently, Managing Editor Jon Wood had the opportunity to sit down with Lord of the Rings Online Executive Producer Jeffrey Steefel to talk about what goes into the game`s updates, launch and the business of MMOs.

Recently, I had the opportunity to sit down for a conversation with Jeffrey Steefel, the Executive Producer of Turbine's Lord of The Rings Online: Shadows of Angmar. As those of you reading this article are probably already aware, Turbine recently launched Book 12: The Ashen Waste, the latest in their line of free content updates. What you might not know is what goes into creating one of these new books. Struck with a sudden curiosity myself, that`s exactly what our conversation was about as we discussed updates, launch and even the business of MMOs.

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This week's Game of the Week is Cheyenne Mountain Entertainment's Stargate Worlds. The game is based in the universe of the popular television series, that has produced one popular spinoff with another on the way along with this new MMO. Stargate Worlds gained even more notoriety recently when a teaser trailer aired with an episode of Stargate Atlantis. will be speaking with Cheyenne Mountain about the game at this week's Game Developer's Conference.

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The Week that Was
Monday, February 11
EVE Online: EVE Review Part Two

Tuesday, February 12
At A Glance: PlanetSide

Wednesday, February 13
Jumpgate Evolution: PvP: Conflicts and Considerations

Thursday, February 14
Final Fantasy XI: Wings of the Goddess Class Q&A

Friday, February 15
Lord of the Rings Online: Jeff Steefel on Updates, Launch and the Business
Did You Know?

Did you know that the Editorial Staff, Jon Wood, Laura genender and Keith Cross are all attending the 2008 Game Developer's Conference in San Francisco?

While there, the trio will be interviewing developers from Age of Conan, Warhammer Online, Lord of the Rings Online and more!

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