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Issue 114, February 11, 2008
In the news
Last week's 'easiest to make fun of' story was the report that nipples and other nude content would be left out of the North American version of Age of Conan. The report later turned out to be in error, and a week of nipple jokes and immature humor came to an end.

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NCsoft announced last they will be smoothing the XP curve in City of Heroes / Villains, which will even out the amount of time it takes characters to move up between various levels.

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Funcom announced last week that the Age of Conan Community has grown to 500,000 fans, a number based on the number of players who have signed up for the beta, and on the number who have joined the 'Clan of Conan' official fan club.

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Featured Article: EVE Online Review

Last week, Community Manager Laura Genender wrote a review of CCP's EVE Online that we've split into two parts. Part one looks at some of the background of the game and the different aspects of its gameplay. Part two, which will appear on Monday, will focus on the traditional review aspects of the game and produce a score.

One of the big contention points of EVE gameplay - hot or not? - is the skill/progression system.

The upside to this is that the casual gamer can keep up with the more hardcore, providing they find some sort of income to buy the skillbooks (and the ships they learn to fly) and remember to update their skills when needed; the downside is that a hardcore MMO player can't start EVE and earn their way to the top.

For me, this really hasn't been too big of an issue; sure, I'm slightly jealous when I see another player fly by in a Vargur (Tech 2 battleship) and realize it'd take me 93 more days to be in their shoes, not counting support skills.

In EVE, your skills dictate your progression but your ship dictates your purpose. The average pilot will have dozens of ships lying about with different strengths and weaknesses; a ship's size, fitting capabilities, and special abilities dictate its best use.

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On-Site: The Podcast

This week on the Podcast co-hosts Jon Wood and Keith Cross discuss nipples and their contribution to the downfall of civilization. Specific topics include the report earlier this week that nudity would be left out of the North American version of Age of Conan, and that decapitations would be censored from the German version. The report on North American nudity was later revealed to be untrue, but it sparked an interesting, if a bit one sided, debate on censorship in games marketed towards an older audience.

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In terms of gaming, there are a number of iconic titles that represent an entire genre of gaming. Names that stand out above that rest and really epitomize the mediums in which they were created. For pen and paper, it's Dungeons and Dragons, for RPGs, it's Ultima, and for miniature, it's Warhammer.

When EA Mythic (The Mythic Entertainment) announced that they would be bringing this popular fantasy IP to the MMORPG genre, many fans rushed to find more information. As the development cycle has rolled on, players have learned more and more about the game's mechanics and it continues to be one of the most anticipated games set to release in 2008.

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The Week that Was
Monday, February 4
Zu Online: A New Preview for Zu

Tuesday, February 5
Lord of the Rings Online: Book 12 Preview, Part One: Customization

Wednesday, February 6
Lord of the Rings Online: Book 12 Preview, Part Two

Thursday, February 7
EverQuest II SOE / Live Gamer Deal Explained

Friday, February 8
EVE Online Review Background
Did You Know? will be making its way to San Francisco next week for the Game Developer's Conference. GDC, as it is commonly known, provides an opportunity for developers from across the video game market to come together to talk and share ideas. Fortunately for us, it's also an opportunity to talk to everyone in one place!
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