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Issue 112, January 28, 2007
In the news
Blizzard announced last week that World of Warcraft has reached the 10 Million subscriber milestone.

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On Tuesday January 22nd, the much anticipated piracy on the high seas MMO, Pirates of the Burning Sea officially launched.

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Last week it was reported that the lawsuit filed against Perpetual Entertainment by Kohnke Entertainment has been resolved out of court. As a result, the case against the former STO development studio have been dropped.

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Age of Conan Blog

So I just got back yesterday, which for us here in the US is a lesser known holiday Martin Luther King day which celebrates the work of Martin Luther King and the nonviolent civil rights movement in the 1950's and 1960's. My wife and I had gone up to Oakhurst with my Father in Law to help him work some property that he purchase. This time it was mostly burn piles, rather than clearing brush. We had a good time but it was exhausting and we also got a chance to go ride our dirt bikes/four wheelers out in the mountains and I only fell over and ate the dirt once.

So big big news yesterday. First we got the shiny new website.

Then we got the announcement about the release date being moved to May 20th.

And an explanation from our very own Game Director Gaute.

First in starting to discuss this I want to echo what Gaute said, which is up until last week we did not have any intention of delaying the game further. So when both he and I tell you we as a team have been working our buns off to reach this goal we are not just blowing smoke.

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On-Site: Podcast
This week on the Podcast, co-hosts Jon Wood and Keith Cross discuss Jon's recent trip to the Funcom offices in Oslo, Norway to take a look at Age of Conan as well as Funcom's other games. They also discuss Rock Band, X-box Live, and micropayments.

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Both Carolyn Koh and Laura Genender took part in the Pirates of the Burning Sea beta. Now that the game has launched, they give us their impressions of the nautical game in this Launch Day Preview

Preview by Carolyn Koh

It's historical and mostly accurate. It's Pirates! What's there not to love for a history buff like me?

It's nifty as heck to watch your crew go about their duties, climbing the rigging, loading the canons, etc.

Preview by Laura Genender

I hate to admit to playing dress-up with my character - I am supposed to be the hardcore gamer girl, after all - but call me guilty, I timed the client out at least three times while creating my pirate.

There are only three different avatar combat discipline choices: Dirty Fighting, Florentine, and Fencing. In combat I haven't seen much difference between the three, though I've only spent much time as a Dirty Fighter.

Read Laura's and Carolyn's preview here.
The Week that Was
Monday, January 21
Age of Conan: Press Event Report Part One

Tuesday, January 22
Pirates of the Burning Sea: Launch Day Previews

Wednesday, January 23
Age of Conan: Press Event Report - Part Three

Thursday, January 24
EverQuest: Dev Chat Log

Friday, January 25
Hardware Report - CES
Did You Know?
On Wednesday, January 30th, after what could be described as one of the rockiest launches in recent memory, Vanguard: Saga of Heroes will celebrate its first anniversary.
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