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Issue 111, January 21, 2008
In the news
P2, formerly Perpetual Entertainment and developer of the defunct Gods and Heroes and Star Trek Online, announced they will be laying off members of the Star Trek Online Team. This news followed the announcement that P2 had lost the rights to produce an MMO with the Star Trek license.

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Managing Editor Jon Wood reported from a Funcom event in Oslo last week that the 14 Age of Conan classes have been folded down to 12 as four classes are merged into two.

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One of the most talked about stories this week was news that China's government will be creating new rules to curb what they call "undesirable" elements of online games.

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Featured Article: Chris Chung Interview

On Thursday, Community Manager Laura Genender published an interview with the new NCsoft President, Chris Chung. Chung has taken the position over from Robert Garriott:

Tabula Rasa will continue to see more free content updates; further down the road we might see a retail presence with larger expansions, but nothing there is concrete.

For the past year (or longer) I've been asking NCSoft when they'll let us pay one monthly fee (obviously higher than 14.99$) for access to their suite of games. The answer is always "soon" and sadly - it is again! "[We] should have something to announce this year," said Chung.

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On-Site: Podcast

This week on the podcast, co-hosts Jon Wood and Keith Cross discuss the results of the MMORPG Reader's Choice Awards, the recent announcement that P2 (formerly Perpetual Entertainment) no longer has the license for Star Trek Online, and where that license may be heading.

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Funcom Developer Jason "Athelan" Stone has started an official Age of Conan blog here at Titled "Ask Athelan", the new blog will both look at various issues surrounding Age of Conan and allow Stone to answer questions from readers about the upcoming game.

So far, Jason has already posted two entries. The first is an introduction of himself and his new blog while the second clears up some confusion about Open Beta, talks about Cheetah 2 and more!

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The Week that Was
Monday, January 14
Entropia Universe - CES 2008

Tuesday, January 15
Interview with NCsoft's New President, Chris Chung

Wednesday, January 16
Jumpgate Evolution AI System: Nuts & Bolts

Thursday, January 17
Pirates of the Caribbean Online: CES Update

Friday, January 18
The Agency: CES Update on The Agency
Did You Know?
Did you know that Norway, the home of Age of Conan development studio Funcom, is a Constitutional Monarchy, meaning that while the country does recognize a king, he has little to no power over the governance of the country.
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