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Issue 110, January 14, 2008
In the news
Funcom released details last week on the Age of Conan Collectors Edition, and all of the goodies contained within. The Collectors Edition comes in a fancy box with the emblem of good King Conan, and a faux leather map of Hyboria, a bonus DVD, the official Age of Conan soundtrack, and more.

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Linden Labs has announced that they will be banning financial institutions in Second Life that offer interest or other investment benefits unless the bank is registered with a real world government. The change in policy comes after increased complaints from Second Life residents about banks offering high investment returns and not delivering on their promises.

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One of the odder stories that ran last week was the tale of a WOW player who is currently playing two characters, Reinisch the Undead priest, and Noor the Gnome rogue, using only pacifist techniques.

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CES Coverage

Last week Carolyn Koh was in Las Vegas to attend the Consumer Electronics Show, where she had the chance to see all the shiny new gadgets that will be hitting the market in the months and years to come. She also had the chance to speak to a number of MMO developers including the folks behind Age of Conan and Pirates of the Burning Sea. You can look forward to reading more articles about CES in the coming week.

The Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas showcases the latest and newest each year in consumer electronics and products range from electronic toys to the latest DVD player and everything in between. I started with the CES media event called, CES Unveiled and this report also covers the hardware shown at Digital Experience with Pepcom and Showstoppers. Sifting through to the game specific hardware can sometimes be challenging, and sometimes purely serendipitous. Sometimes, there can be some really interesting new stuff out there, sometimes, just not so much. Mostly, I speak to PR types and I get promises of information, sometimes they are just showing CE products other than the ones for gamers.

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The Chronicles of Spellborn - Dev Chat Follow-Up Q&A

Back on December 17th, the team from The Chronicles of Spellborn stopped by for a dev chat. Last week, they answered the questions that they didn't have time to answer live in this special Q&A. scaphism asks: how is healing handled. Is it a targeted heal or an area of effect?

Spellborn: There are multiple types of healing effects. Some well-known basics are direct healing, healing over time and taking life on hit. However, there are also AoE's like poison gas clouds, which have a healing effect the first 5 seconds they're inhaled, but turn into a deadly poison afterwards.

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The honor of first Game of the Week of 2008 goes to The Lord of the Rings Online: The Shadows of Angmar. On Monday we ran an article where LotRO Executive Producer Jeff Steefel gave us some insights about what 2008 holds for the game, including a paid expansion, the game launching in China and Korea, and the continued release of free expansions such as the upcoming Book 12.

Each Book takes a good look at a few of the game's classes with the goal of balancing and improving them, and book 12 is no different as January has been named the month of the Guardian and the month of the Burglar.

Learn more about the upcoming changes for Guardians and Burglars, or take a Look Ahead with Jeffery Steefel here.
The Week that Was
Monday, January 7
Lord of the Rings Online: A Look Ahead with Jeff Steefel

Tuesday, January 8
CES Technology Report

Wednesday, January 9
Jumpgate Evolution: Flight Dynamics

Thursday, January 10
Pirates of the Burning Sea: CES Pre-Launch Progress Report

Friday, January 11
Age of Conan: CES Progress Report
Did You Know?
There were reports out of the Consumer Electronics Show last week in Las Vegas that Age of Conan would not have an open beta, which raised a few eyebrows and concerns from the game's fans. But it turns out that there was a miscommunication, and Age of Conan will indeed have an open beta. Funcom said that the beta would be restricted to a small, manageable number and would require players to fill out an application. By manageable number they meant tens of thousands and by application they meant application, which is what caused the confusion.
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