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Issue 109, January 7, 2008
In the news
Child's Play, the charity that provides toys and games to sick kids, announced last week that they raised more that 1 million dollars in their most recent fundraising drive.

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Flying Lab Software has posted an FAQ answering questions about the process used to determine the server list for Pirates of the Burning Sea. The FAQ also includes an updated version of the PotBS sever list, which was announced last week.

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The Chronicles of Spellborn official site was updated last week with a New Year's message where they announced the winners of the Spellbornian Winter Holiday Competition. They also mention that TCoS rang in the new year by passing the 100,000 forum user milestone.

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Community Spotlight

Community Manager Laura Genender takes a look at the concept of online friends and looks at a forum post that brings to question the concept of friendships in MMOs, and what communities best foster these long-lasting relationships.

Our mothers never got it, did they? I can't count how many times I had a parent or a sibling ask me, "Why don't you get off the computer and spend some time with your friends?" Because, Mom, my friends are in my computer.

The gamer generation is experiencing a phenomenon of technology: the long distance community. Pen pals only took you so far, pre-internet, but now-a-days we have entire cliques at the tip of our fingertips, with instant communication and even virtual spaces where we can hang out. Forget Vegas - even marriages are formed and destroyed online!

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On-Site: Podcast
This week on the podcast, co-hosts Jon Wood and Keith Cross talk about what it means to cheat in today's MMOs, as well as news of Ron Paul supporters marching on WoW and the implications of political groups holding events in online environments.

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We've tabulated your more than 40,000 votes and today, we reveal your choices in the 2007 Reader's Choice Awards.

We had eight categories this year, with nominees in each category provided by the editorial staff. members had until January 30th to cast their ballots and let us know who their favorite was in each category. would like to thank those who took the time to participate in the voting!

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The Week that Was
Monday, December 31
EverQuest: Progression Server Update

Tuesday, January 1
Happy New Year!

Wednesday, January 2
Editor's News Year In Review

Thursday, January 3
Angels Online: Getting to Know Angels Online

Friday, January 4
2007 Readers Choice Awards
Did You Know?
Did you know that Thursday January 3rd was the birthday of celebrated author J.R.R. Tolkien? Tolkien is best know for his works, the Hobbit, and Lord of the Rings. Born in 1892, he would be celebrating his one hundred and eleventy-sixth birthday.
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