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Issue 108, December 31, 2007
In the news
Last week, Flying Lab Software published a list of North American and European servers for Pirates of the Burning Sea.

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Last week we heard reports that supporters of Republican Presidential Candidate Ron Paul were planning to stage a march in support of their candidate on World of Warcraft's Whisperwind server, which turned out to be one of the week's most talked about news stories.

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Raph Koster made a post on his website last week that poses an interesting question for MMO gamers. What is cheating? He takes a look at MMO and MUD history and how the definition of cheating has changed.

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Featured Article: MMOWTF - It's the End of the World

In his MMOWTF column this week, Dan Fortier takes a look back at the year 2007 and some of the news stories that dominated MMO headlines.

Actually I's only the end of the year. You can call shenanigans on my little hyperbole there if you like. Now that I'm fat with the Christmas ham and spoiled by the awesome presents, I can get back to work making enemies in my weekly column. Let's all take a moment or two and share the fond and horrible memories of the year that was 2007.

It seems like the year just started, but as it comes to a close and I look back at the stories that made me laugh and cringe, there really is quite a lot that happened. The year started off with the release of the Burning Crusade that had been delayed from its original release date. This obviously didn't hurt the sales figures at all as it broke several records on its first day tally of 2.4 million copies sold worldwide. Staggering as that number is, it pales in comparison to the first bid by William Shatner's agent when he was approached about doing a WoW commercial. ("But....I've...never even.....played an online game.....before!")

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Community Spotlight - Forums: What's in a Game?

Community Manager Laura Genender uses her Community Spotlight this week to talk about the different ways in which people can enjoy MMORPGs, and the ways in which some games are better suited to some play styles than others.

This week on the forums I read a thread started by long-time community member forest-nl. Entitled "how the MMO community ruin [their] own MMOs", the thread dealt with the controversial topic of RMT and in-game exploits. Forest-nl expressed his frustration with in-game gold buyers and exploiters - why would players cheat a game instead of playing it honestly? "Are there still true gamers out there that wane accomplish things 100% for themselves without cheating or is it a dying breed?" Forest-nl asks in closing.

In my opinion, to understand any argument, one must first attempt to look through the eyes of the opposition. After all, games can be played with different mindsets - one player might enjoy leveling, while another enjoys PvP, or raiding, or exploring, or griefing. It's the same for any game and not just MMOs: some of us might play basketball for fun, while others might play it professionally.

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Staff writer Jeremy Star recently had the chance to play through Eye of the North, the only true expansion to Guild Wars. From his experiences in-game he has compiled a review of the new content.

GWEN ships with a little over 150 new skills, which breaks down to about 10 new skills per class plus some shared skills. It also features 40 new armor sets and 10 new heroes.

It's funny how in little less than a year Guild Wars goes from having some of the best graphics in an MMORPG to having graphics I would now consider average.

Of course, once again Jeremy Soule contributes a fantastic soundtrack to a Guild Wars release. This guy is the John Williams of video games.

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The Week that Was
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Did You Know?
If you were keeping an eye out for news about your favorite game last week you may have been disappointed, as most game studios sent everyone home for the holidays. That wasn't entirely the case for the folks at Flying Lab Software, who are in the final few weeks of development on Pirates of the burning Sea, which is set to launch on January 22nd, 2008.
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