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Issue 106, December 17, 2007
In the news
A Blizzard community representative confirmed rumors last week that Blizzard is working on a new MMO project, although no information about the nature of the new game has been released at this time.

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Kohnke Communications, a public relations firm which represents a number of MMO developers, is suing Perpetual Entertainment for breach of contract, several counts of fraud, and transferring assets, including Star Trek Online, to a new company before liquidating their assets.

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Auran CEO Tony Hilliam announced last week that Auran, the developer of Fury is closing its doors. The 70 people on the fury development team have all been let go, with a small team remaining to maintain Fury.

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Blog Spotlight

This week in her Community Forum Spotlight column, Community Manager Laura Genender discusses a user blog involving PvP and what kinds of experiences players are looking for.

High end content in MMOs is basically restricted to one of two paths: raids, which require players to work together against large events or creatures; or PvP, which allows players to generate their own high-end challenges against each other. For our community, at the very least, it is the latter which seems to be catching the most attention.

Perhaps that's no big surprise; after all, two of the big upcoming giants - Age of Conan and Warhammer Online - are mostly centered around PvP. Current popular games such as World of Warcraft and Guild Wars offer plenty of PvP, too. But for user T0nyd, this isn't enough.

In a blog entry titled "PVP MMORPGs, are they real?" T0nyd outlines the features he believes are key in any MMO PVP experience:

"For me to call an MMORPG a PVP game," T0nyd, starts, "I want to be able to level from 1 to max through PvP. I am not saying that I believe no PvE should exist. I am just saying that I believe if I choose I should be able to gain EXP and advance through the killing of other players." Through T0nyd's description I can imagine a starting area with multiple starting NPCs, oftering you quests to kill monsters, make armor, or kill other players. While some of us obsessive gamers (like myself) would likely feel compelled to complete all of them, it would allow players to choose - if they desire - how to advance.

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On-Site: Podcast
This week on the Podcast, co-hosts Jon Wood and Keith Cross discuss Keith's recent trip to San Francisco where he took part in a hands on demo of Age of Conan.

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This week's game of the week is Jumpgate Evolution.

For the last four weeks, we have presented a developer journal from Hermann Peterscheck, the Producer of Jumpgate Evolution. In his final installment, Peterscheck talks about creating a space action game.

One of the things that I like about NetDevil in general and Jumpgate Evolution in particular is that we actually are trying to make different kinds of MMOs. This sounds a bit strange as the last three articles have focused quite a bit on how to appeal to the masses, how to be accessible for everyone, how learning from experts and avoiding senseless innovation is a good idea and things like that. I wanted to wrap up these series of logs by talking a bit about the magic that happens in game development. I love that we work on games that are both in theme and genre somewhat risky.

You rcan read the Dev Journal here, or check out Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3.
The Week that Was
Monday, December 10
Zu Online: Q&A With the Zu Team

Tuesday, December 11
Jumpgate Evolution: Wrap-Up

Wednesday, December 12
Pirates of the Burning Sea: Response to Feedback

Thursday, December 13
Tabula Rasa: A Talk With Starr Long

Friday, December 14
Age of Conan: Hands-On Report
Did You Know?
EverQuest II Executive Producer Scott Hartsman announced that he was leaving SOE. He started with SOE back in 2001 while working on EverQuest: Shadows of Luclin.
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