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Issue 103, November 26, 2007
In the news
Blizzard unveiled a World of Warcraft tv ad campaign starring William Shatner, Mr. T, and Verne Troyer. Mr. Shatner's and Mr. T's spots have both been produced and are available on the World of Warcraft official site, while Mr. Troyer's spot has not released.

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CCP announced last week that hey have launched a site dedicated to the upcoming Trinity expansion for EVE Online. The site displays all of the features of trinity in great detail, as well as a few videos and interviews.

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Flying Lab Software announced the successful completion of their weekend stress test for Pirates of the Burning Sea. Originally they were going to allow everyone who played a character up to 5th level to stay in the beta, but so many of the stress test players completed this task that they decided to just let everyone in.

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Blog Spotlight

In this week's Community Blog Spotlight, Community Manger Laura Genender looks at what can happen when players don't take the time to enjoy their MMORPG and burn out.

One of the great aspects of an MMORPG community is finding and relating to similar people. In the real world, we are confined (mostly) to our town, city, college, workplace, etc. to meet people - with the internet we can find people with similar interests, goals, and ideas through games, guilds and forums. This week on the blogs I found a kindred soul in user Interl0per.

Interl0per's new blog Entering Pod deals with his casual gamer experience in EVE Online and other MMOs. Interl0per tells his story starting in the twilight days of SWG, where a carefree, fun-lovin' Rebel Scout got the idea in his head to go train up pistol skills. From there, Interl0per stopped having fun and started having jobs. Said Interl0per, "Even before the NGE, after that day, the game never really seemed the same for me."

Things changed for Interl0per though about a year and a half ago, when a google search brought him to - and EVE Online. "After browsing reviews, forums, and game sites, I wound up downloading EVE Online - not the trial, I bought the game sight unseen based on its appearances."

You can read the full article here, or you can read the original blog here.

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The Podcast Returns

The podcast has returned after a long hiatus with a new format. This week co-hosts Jon Wood and Keith Cross talk about Keith's recent trip to Reykjavik, Iceland to attend EVE Fanfest, Gods and Heroes going on 'indefinite hold', and Star Trek Online.

Check out the Podcast here.

Visit our boards today! Hardware Guy Jeremy Star takes a look at his newest machine, a laptop built for gaming. In his search to find the best MMORPG-playing laptop, he brings us this review of the model he settled on, the Dell Inspirion 1720 Laptop.

The Inspiron 1720 is a fairly large laptop. It's about 11 ½" from front to back (without counting the battery), and about 15 ½" from side to side. Closed, it's only about 1½ " thick, however it weighs close to 8 pounds.

The Inspiron ran WoW fairly smooth at these settings. There was some small amount of hitching when there were a ton of players on screen in Shattrath city, but for the most part it ran very well.

I am very satisfied with the Inspiron 1720. Granted I can't crank the graphics up all the way in everything like I can on my desktop, but I didn't expect to be able to.

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The Week that Was
Monday, November 19
Jumpgate Evolution Dev Journal: AI

Tuesday, November 20
Dungeon Runners: A Chat About Dungeon Runners

Wednesday, November 21
Hardware Review: General Dell Inspirion 1720 Laptop Review

Thursday, November 22
# Interview: Warhammer Online : Age of Reckoning: Tell Us About the War in WAR

Friday, November 23
Pirates of the Burning Sea: Developer Profile: John Scott Tynes
Did You Know?
Last week saw the return of the Podcast, formerly known as Game/On. Did you know that we're looking for a new title, and we want your help. If you think you have a more creative idea than Game/On you can let us know at
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