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Issue 102, November 19, 2007
In the news
Both EverQuests were in the news last week with the simultaneous launch of the EverQuest expansion Secrets of Faydwer and the EverQuest II expansion Rise of Kunark.

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Ankama Games announced last week that they will be launching a heroic server in December which will operate under a hardcore rules set where advancement is fast and death is permanent.

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CCP released the first edition of their Quarterly Economic Newsletter for EVE Online last week. The QEN is the work of EVE's resident economist Dr. Eyjólfur "DrEyjoG" Guðmundsson, and is the first of its kind for an online society.

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Blog Spotlight: We're All Orcs

In last week's Community Blog Spotlight, Community Manager Laura Genender discussed the trials and tribulations of feeling special in the MMORPGs that we play:

MMO's lack the theory of wonderment. Obstacles such as 'balancing', 'the gestalt formation', and the overall greed of the player base vs the overall laziness of the produces has made the word 'wonderment' almost unattainable in most games we play...

The allure of fantasy and RPGs is in character progression - not just levels, but the ability for us to play the part of farm boy-turned-hero.

I won the Contest of Seven with 336 Teardrops, over 100 more than the 2nd place contestant. My prize was an island - yes, you heard me, an island! - that only I had access to.

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Featured Article: EVE Economics 101

Earlier this month, News Manager Keith Cross traveled to Iceland, home of CCP, the company behind EVE Online. He was there to attend that company's annual Fan Fest, a chance for players of the game to gather together to participate in activites, fun and seminars. One of those seminars was held by Dr. Eyjólfur "Eyjo" Guðmundsson, EVE's economist:

At the time the snapshot was taken, 78% of the population was in high security space, 13% were in low sec space, and only 9% were located in 0.0 space.

Dr. Eyjo revealed that EVE's economy currently has around 90 trillion ISK in the system. 65 trillion of that wealth is in the hands of active players, while 10 trillion more is held by corporations, and the remainder is ISK on inactive accounts.

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Whether you like them, hate them or somewhere in between, it's hard to argue against Sony Online Entertainment's status as one of the biggest MMO publishers in North America. That fact may never have been so apparent as this past week, which saw the launch of not one, but two SOE expansions: Rise of Kunark for EverQuest II and Secrets of Faydwer for the original EverQuest.

The EverQuest franchise in and of itself may be considered the flagship of SOE with the two above mentioned titles as well as the lesser known EverQuest Online Adventures for the Playstation 2. Throw in additions to the franchise like the recent Legends of Norrath and you can see just how big this franchise really is.

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The Week that Was
Monday, November 12
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Tuesday, November 13
EverQuest II RoK: Launch Day Community Q&A

Wednesday, November 14
EverQuest: Secrets of Faydwer Tour

Thursday, November 15
Lineage 2: The 1st Throne: The Kamael Overview

Friday, November 16
EverQuest: Condensed Chat Summary
Did You Know?
Did you know that Cheyenne Mountain Entertainment's Community Manager, David "Scepter" Read is answering user questions in the Stargate Worlds area of our forums? Check it out here.
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