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Issue 101, November 12, 2007
In the news
NCSoft announced last week that they have taken full ownership of the City of Heroes IP, previously split between NCSoft and Cryptic Studios. Continuing development on the game will be a new studio in Mountain View, California.

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CCP made a long awaited announcement last week, informing us that EVE Online is now officially available on the Macintosh and Linux platforms.

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One of the most talked about stories in the newsroom last week was the release of the Vanguard Producer's letter, where Thom Terrazas lays out the plan for the next phase of updates for Vanguard: Saga of Heroes.

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Community Spotlight

In this week's Community Spotlight, Community Manager Laura Genender took a look at a forum post that asks users whether or not the MMOs will continue to survive in the future of the video game industry:

"MMO gaming has been around for nearly 15 years now, commercially," states outlaw101. "My question is, do you think it has a future."

User Kyleran also disagrees with outlaw101, and provides a counterpoint: "Since I started playing MMORPG's 6 years ago I have played exactly ..... zero other games to completion."

Those 15 years of industry existence are just starting to pay off. The kids that really, truly grew up on MMOs are starting to leak into the industry itself.

"Since I started playing MMORPG's 6 years ago I have played exactly ..... zero other games to completion. In fact, I only play MMORPG's, and I suspect there are many others like me. Devs will keep coding games for us....But I do think the day is coming when MMORPG's will translate in a big way to console games."

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On-Site: User Galleries is pleased to announce that we've added a new member gallery feature to the site. Now you can upload your own pictures and post them in blogs and forums across the web. That's right we've uploaded the first version of our member galleries! You can now upload your own images to your gallery space then post them in forums across the web! Plus our forum and blog editors have a new addition that allows you to insert images from your galleries directly into your forum or blog post with a simple interface!

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This week, hosted a Dev Chat with the folks from Cheyenne Mountain Entertainment, the aptly-named company that is developing Stargate Worlds. Managing Editor Jon Wood summarized the chat in an article:

Throughout the chat, story was referred to a number of times in response to a number of different kinds of questions.

Speaking of advancement, this chat also confirmed to players that the game would employ a level-based system of advancement.

Many have speculated that SGW would make use of the Stargate convention to cover the game with instanced areas. When asked directly about the ratio of instanced to non-instanced gameplay, fans were told that it would be about 20% instanced, 80% non-instanced.

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The Week that Was
Monday, November 5
Tabula Rasa: Launch Version Overview

Tuesday, November 6
Age of Conan: Developer Profile - Elliott Kingdon

Wednesday, November 7
EVE Online: Fan Fest Intro: How They Got Here from There.

Thursday, November 8
EVE Online: Fanfest Info on Ambulation

Friday, November 9
Stargate Worlds: Dev Chat Log
Did You Know?
Did you know that, according to EVE Online's Economist, the game has 90 Trillion ISK (the game's currency) in the system? Dr. Eyjo Guðmundsson revealed these and other fun economy facts at EVE Online's Recent Fan Fest Celebration
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