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MMORPG.com Newsletter Issue 09, January 16th, 2006
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On January 9th (Monday), Turbine announced that its Beta-Phase MMORPG, Dungeons and Dragons Online: Stormreach, had lifted the “confidentiality obligations” that are generally attached to a game in Beta. This will allow players to freely and publicly discuss the game. here.

On January 10th (Tuesday), NCSoft, the makers of the game, Guild Wars, have announced that they are releasing what they are calling a “second chapter” in their popular franchise. The title of this new chapter is, Guild Wars: Factions. click here.

On January 11th (Wednesday), we learned the name of the newest title being developed by Mythic Entertainment. While the whole world knew that the game was based on the Games Workshop franchise “Warhammer”, what we did not know was that the game was being given a title other than Warhammer: Online. This, ladies and gentlemen, is WAR.click here.
On January 12th, (Thursday), Auto Assault became the second Beta-Phase game of the week to lift their NDA. This should lead to a whole new barrage of information as Beta players and press become free to talk about their online experiences. click here.

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On Monday, January 16th, we announced the winners of our 2005 Reader’s Choice Awards. The categories in questions were: Favorite Company, Best Graphics, Best PvE, Best PvP, Best Story, Most Anticipated and Favorite Game..

  • Favorite Company: CCP Games
  • Best Graphics: EVE Online
  • Best PvE: World of WarCraft
  • Best PvP: EVE Online
  • Best Story: The Saga of Ryzom
  • Most Anticipated: Dungeons and Dragons Online
  • Favorite Game: EVE Online

Clearly, when the smoke cleared and our readers had their say, EVE Online came out as the favorite with a win in four categories.

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As stated in our news this week, Turbine has lifted the NDA on their game, Dungeons and Dragons Online: Stormreach. This means that players of the Beta test are now able to freely discuss their opinions publicly, and our forums are no exception.

So far, reaction to the game has been strongly critical of the game. Players are disappointed with things like: instancing, content, character customization and the like. Below, find a few examples of what people are saying and then head over to the forums yourself to give your opinions, or just to read the rest of this interesting thread.

  • All instances. ‘nuff said. - Aguitha
  • Imagine creating a character similar to the character creation in WoW; relatively few selections available for faces, body types, shapes, clothing, hair, etc. The biggest available options are the color selections. - Somnulus
  • Give us a world to explore and more freedom to make our own destiny.. Give us content that doesn't just include questing and dungeon hopping.. Give us a MMORPG that will hold our interest for more than a month… please. – Oakthornn
  • DDO is certainly NOT like WoW. It does not claim to be and still the forums are full of people whinig they want it the way they are used to. Then there are the experts who have decided (I don't know how - perhaps a message from the god of games?) that if a game is instanced it is not a proper MMORPG and have to spread this message on every DDO Forum. – Renessa

What are your opinions on this hotly debated subject? Let us know in our forum by, clicking here.

Game of the Week

Game of the week
This week’s Game of the Week is Final Fantasy XI, Only one in a large and popular franchise, this game allows fans of the series to play in an MMORPG world. Here is what the developers have to say about the game: “FINAL FANTASY XI is the first online game in the award-winning FINAL FANTASY series. How you play is up to you, with limitless possibilities for adventure. Set out on your own to discover the countless secrets of Vana'diel, or form a party with your friends to purge the beastman forces and bring home sensational spoils!”

Our readers have given this game a very respectable 8.0 using our rating system. What do you think?

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Gamer to English

This week’s Gamer to English is going to focus in on what should really be a very simple “word” for us all. MMORPG.

Almost everyone knows that the letters stand for Massively (or massive) Multiple Online Role Playing Game. What we don’t always know is just exactly what that means. Wikipedia describes an MMORPG as “an online computer role-playing game in which a large number of players can interact together or against one another in the same game at the same time.”

That definition may have been enough in the past, but innovations in the genre have blurred the line of when a game should be called an MMORPG and when it shouldn’t.

Would changing the definition be enough to clear up any confusion, or should we create sub-categories within our own genre so that MMORPGs can include everything from highly instanced products, all the way to the other side with products that offer players a single, seamless world?

This brings us to the real question. What do YOU think makes a game an MMORPG? Let us know in our forums!

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