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MMORPG.com Newsletter Issue 05, December 19, 2005
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On December 12th (Monday), the saga and controversy behind the much-talked-about Dark and Light, continued. On the 12th, the company announced that their forums would once again be down, this time to allow players into the “Settlers of Ganareth” sequel. This week, Dark and Light seems to have all but disappeared from our “Most Anticipated” list. Learn about it, here.

On December 14th (Wednesday), NCsoft® Corporation, NC Interactive, Inc. and Cryptic Studios™, Inc. announced that they had come to an agreement on a double lawsuit filed against and by Marvel Comics. Essentially, this agreement will allow both companies to make superhero games, without imposing restrictions on the players of the game as they create their characters. click here.

On December 16th (Friday), The Chronicles of Spellborn finally shed some light on their character classes, revealing all nine in a single press release. The classes themselves were broken down into 3 different categories, Warriors, Spellcasters, and Rogues. The classes, are Blood Warrior, Champion, Furyhammer, Rune Mage, Ancestral Mage, Oracle Disciple, Trickster, Facedancer, Dead Hand. To get the story, click here.
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Back in August of this year, Erich Von Hase penned an editorial for MMORPG.com. The editorial focused on one question in particular. Why do we play these games? Certainly, different people have different reasons, but Von Hase puts some words to our thoughts in this article from our library.

Here are a few examples from the article:

First there is a ‘Buzz’. Players hear news of a new MMOG soon to be released or they hear good things about an MMOG from magazines, websites, or friends.

… there is another group that has a much more vested interest in why you keep paying to play MMOGs, and that is the community of developers.

Human beings think and interact with their environments on several levels at once. Whether or not these processes are instinctive or learned, they exist in all of us.

After millions of dollars of research by psychologists and advertisers, it has been proven that human beings respond to the images of human beings. Faces, body frames, and the like create subconscious responses in us.

Take a look at the article, here.
So what do YOU think? What's YOUR answer? Let us know, here.

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This week, Off the Boards is going to take a look at a thread that asks one, simple, question. The question was originally posed by Avison, “What upcoming mmorpg or current mmorpg (with upcoming new content) are you looking forward to and why?”

The answers that he has received have been many and varied:

… Oh and to answer your original question, Vanguard. - Anageth

As for the game I'm most looking forward to, I’d have to say Huxley. -Isikari

Can you make this game for me please, Santa? I am sure that you can do it. Even if it is only a few days ‘till Christmas. If not, a few screenshots will do for now… and a movie… and daily announcements… and the developers should answer me on the forums…

As of less than an Hour ago, Huxley. I had been curious before but now I think I am in love. - Laserwolf

I’m really looking forward to D & D online, that looks like a lot of fun – Mikesta707

I think darkfall looks amazing, but I don't think it will be coming out for a while. – royals

Dark and Light, well the info about the game sounds really good, and defienlty to go anywhere you like gives a very good feeling for me...

These are just a few of the answers to that question. What are your opinions? Add them to this already popular thread, click here.

Game of the Week

Game of the week
This week, we’re going to take a look at one of the many MMORPGs that are on the market that are based on a popular franchise. In 1999, the Wachowski brothers brought us a world that was ours, and yet wasn’t. The world of The Matrix Online lends itself very well to the MMORPG genre, blending reality with sci-fi and fantasy, anything is possible. What do you think?

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Member Spotlight

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Member’s Real Name:
Mia Soderquist
Member's Ranking:
92/100 right this moment. 5 stars, baby! w00t!
Current Games Played:
EverQuest (1), SilkRoad Online (when it isn't too full. GRrrrRR), Monster & Me (though I am a little ashamed to admit that)

What is your favorite feature of MMORPGs?
Right now, I would have to say the advanced character customization in games like SWG and EQ2, even though I am not currently playing those games. I *love* making faces.

Something about MMORPGs that bugs you?
The ability to reach through the screen and SLAP someone. That seems unlikely due to technical limitations, though, so I will say more varied and creative ways to develop characters-- multiple paths to the end game and multiple end games, as it were.

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