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MMORPG.com Newsletter Issue 49, October 30th, 2006
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On October 27th, MMORPG.com's Carolyn Koh wrote a special report on the state of Horizons since EI Interactive purchased the MMOG from Tulga Games. Her research found an unsecured billing system, allegations of unfair account charges and other mishaps. This is part one of a two part article.

Read the report here.

Funcom extended the free-to-play option in Anarchy Online into 2008, according to a company press release on October 27th. The news brings new expansions into the free, advertising revenue driven version of the game for people to enjoy.

Get the news here.

Phantasy Star Universe, a MMORPG for the XBOX360, PS2 and PC launched around the world on October 24th. This franchise laden game from SEGA puts all three platforms into a single world. We released our preview (PC version) on the day of it's launch.

You can read the article here.

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Dungeons & Dragons Online: Module 3, The Demon Sands

This week, we take a look at what Carolyn Koh discovered when she traveled to Eberron with some Turbine Entertainment developers to learn more about The Demons Sands. The third free module for Dungeons and Dragons Online launched this week and on the day it hit the live servers, Koh released her preview.

Below, you will find some of the more interesting things Koh had to say about The Demon Sands module:

How It Looks
"The first area we explored were the sprawling dunes of Menechtarun, a desert landscape with towering pillars of rock, vast sand dunes and deep canyons. It is a completely new look and feel for DDO: Stormreach, which until now have been limited to the city of Stormreach and apart from the newbie practice zone of Kobold Island, were all in-door zones - sewers, warehouses, dungeons and basements. The area is peppered with different groups of Gnolls at war with each other, pockets of mummies lurking in the shifting sands and other dessert nasties. The Demon Sands lives up to its name."
Player vs. Player Combat
"In PvP play, players will not gain nor loose XP. The reward for participating in PvP is fun and out-of-game fame in the shape of leader boards (and a redesigned website) which will be launched at the same time as the module release."
What Else is Under the Hood
"Module 3 is the biggest expansion to DDO, increasing content by 40 percent since DDO's launch in February. Apart from new party and solo dungeons, it brings 10 more ranks to players for a level cap increase from 10 to 12. With the increase, new spells and feats of those levels will naturally be increased. It also brings a Feat respec system and new Favor rewards."
In a Nutshell...
"The sneak peek and release notes are already released on the official website and those wanting to take a second look at DDO... do. You may find yourself pleasantly surprised."

You can read the full preview here

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Month's End "Game / On" Podcast

In our October finale of Game/On, our weekly MMORPG.com podcast, hosts Jon Wood and Garrett Fuller address some listener mail, the push-back of the World of Warcraft expansion, Phantasy Star Universe and a range of other topics.

As is our month end custom, you are also treated to a bonus interview. Senior Editor Dana Massey sat down with Daniel McLearen, a Jr. Community Manager for Perpetual Entertainment's Gods and Heroes, to get an update on this anticipated MMORPG. Gods and Heroes took home the bulk of the hardware - including Best Graphics and Best Game - at E3 2006.

You can listen to the podcast here.

Game of the Week

Game of 

the week

On a magic-immersed planet called Auberean, in a time of turmoil known as Portal Year Zero (PY0), an impetuous, young mage named Asheron Realaidain unwittingly opened portals to an unknown and hostile alien world, setting upon his homeworld a mass invasion the likes of which it had never before seen. The Olthoi, a large insect-like species, sent in waves of shadowy man-sized machines of death, all but decimating Auberean's defenseless population. Those few who survived saw no hope for the home they once knew and were ushered through new portals opened by Asheron, unaware of what may lie on the other side...

Asheron's Call is our Game of the Week this week. They recently announced a brand new free trial offer for players to make a return to one of the original players on the MMO scene.

Since it launched on December 1st, 1999; Asheron's Call has remained a mainstay in the eyes of many MMORPG enthusiasts. It was originally famous for the Darktide, player vs. player server and has been cited by a host of leading MMORPG developers as the major source of their inspiration.

You can read more about Asheron's Call on our website.

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MMORPGs inspire strong emotions in hardcore fans. Unfortunately, too often, we see these fans on our message boards feel the need to attack other games that are not their favorite. I encourage everyone to remember how hard development companies work on titles and remember that just because you may not like sci-fi games, does not mean the next person doesn't.

This is not the same as a game being terrible or a development team lying to the community. Those justifiably inspire furor. What I am talking about is bashing one game in the name of the other. No good can come of it. I encourage everyone to remember that next time their finger hovers over the post button.

Dana Massey, Senior Editor

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