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MMORPG.com Newsletter Issue 48, October 23rd, 2006
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On October 19th the MMO, Dreamlords has announced that they have reached the Beta Phase of their game's development. As with most MMOs, the first Beta Phase is closed, with the Open Beta still some time away, but they are still looking for more applicants to be added in throughout the beta.

Read the news item here.

Sony Online Entertainment's Star Wars Galaxies has announced a new, free trial for the controversial MMORPG. The new trial, which consists of 14 days of free gameplay, replaces an old trial that confined players to a space station. SWG has been a controversial game ever since SOE's decision to bring in the Combat Update (CU) and New Game Experience(NGE), both of which dramatically changed the game.

Get the news here.

On October 17th, NCsoft and Cryptic Studios announced that the newest expansion for the game City of Heroes and City of Villains is now live on the test server. The new, free expansion is titled Issue 8: To Protect and Serve, focusing on the Heroes side of the game. Its predecessor, Issue 7, put the focus on the bad guys.

You can read the article here.

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Editorials Galore

Instead of looking at a review in this section, like we usually do, this week we are going to put the focus on MMORPG.com editorials. This past week, no fewer than four of our talented Staff Writers took the time to put their thoughts down on paper, two with columns that will appear regularly and two with standard editorials. As usual, we encourage our readers to get involved by reading the editorials and commenting on them in our forums.

Below, you will find a sample of each column, and links to our two editorials:

MMOWTF: Lessons Not Learned
By Dan Fortier

"The Ganareth Tour will give newcomers to the world of Ganareth a taste of many of the world's most addictive elements. It can be downloaded at no cost."

So... you're like a drug dealer giving a new client a free hit to peak their interest in your product's most addictive elements? The only difference here is that drugs actually have a high whereas your product starts out on the downer and gets worse from there. I could go on, but you get the idea. It is like an episodic comedy that follows the exploits (pun intended) of a group of inexperienced coders and designers who keep trying to get their first online game right.

Behind the Online: War of the (Online) Worlds
By: Dave Bonnewell

Greetings fellow gamers and welcome to what's on my mind lately. As inexplicably as second-rate comedian Dane Cook's meteoric rise to fame, the juggernaut of an MMORPG that is World of Warcraft has managed to literally dominate the highly competitive and already flooded online gaming industry. Hell, I myself will even own up to once being the proud papa of a level 60 Tauren Hunter surrogate persona To many dedicated fans in communities which span the breadth and width of the intraweb, World of Warcraft is essentially the end all, beat all of MMORPGs and the prideful proclamation of over seven million subscribers to World of Warcraft worldwide at last month's Austin Game Conference in Texas goes a long way to proving this.

So You Want a 600lbs Gorilla
Editorial by: Jeremy Starley

Burning Crusade: More of the Same?
Editorial By: Garrett Fuller

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New Game/On and New Games

On this week's episode of Game/On, Jon and Garrett return to talk about all things MMORPG. This time around they put a focus on: Neilson's decision to begin tracking video game statistics, MMO gaming in the mainstream, Star Wars Galaxies' new free trial and more.

You can listen to the podcast here.

Our Games List is always expanding, and this week was no exception as we saw three new games added to our already full list:

The first is Voyage Century, an MMO that focuses on high seas adventure in the 16th century.

The second new game on our list is called Regnum Online and is a free-to-play and free-to-download MMOPRG.

The final game added to our list this week is Travia Online. Travia is originally a Korean MMORPG that has now launched a global website in English that qualifies it for a position on the MMORPG.com games list.

Game of the Week

Game of the week

With the impressive tagline, "Unleash the Fury", this week's game of the week is being developed by a company called Auran Entertainment. Fury promises to offer players something new and unique with their unique Incarnations concept:

"Fury's avatar system breaks away from the traditional RPG class system. Players are empowered to develop their avatar in as many ways as they like via Fury's unique approach - Incarnations. Furthermore, players are able to change their avatar's incarnation between fights so, for example, a player can be a warrior when fighting in a solo event and then choose their healer incarnation when competing with their guild."

On top of that, they are also promising a unique, fast-paced combat system blending "the best elements of the FPS and RPG genres."

You can read our most recent hands-on preview of this game written by Laura Genender at the Austin Game Conference here.

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Greetings All!

A couple of weeks ago, I used this space to wax poetic about Halloween and the events that this particular holiday seems to engender in MMORPGs. This week, I thought I'd use this space to point you guys at some of the events that have already been announced:

World of Warcraft

City of Heroes

Guild Wars

Auto Assault


We hope that you enjoy these events, many of which are taking place this coming weekend, and we also hope that everyone is safe and has fun during this, the spookiest of holidays.

I would like to encourage everyone to visit this forum thread to talk about their favorite Halloween memories, both in-game and out.

Jon "Stradden" Wood

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