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MMORPG.com Newsletter Issue 01, November 21, 2005
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On November the 17th (Thursday), Sony Online Entertainment announced that The Matrix Online would be adding real-world advertisements to their game. If ever there was an appropriate game to take on the controversial policy, it is The Matrix Online, as it is set in a world created by The Machines to look very much like our own. Read the article here.

On Novemeber the 14th (Monday), GamesRouter, the European Online Gaming Publisher responsible for ROSE Online, has announced that they will be offering a chance at a €1,000,000 prize. Players who sign up for and play ROSE between January and November 2006 will take part in the competition. Certain foes who are killed in-game, will be dropping Gold, Silver and Bronze tickets that could ultimately lead to prizes or even the million Euros. Get this story, here.

On November 15th (Tuesday), Sony Online Entertainment announced the launch of sweeping changes to their game, Star Wars: Galaxies. Among other complaints, players felt that the game lacked a sense of the same feeling generated by the movies. The developers have made these changes in an attempt to change that perception. To get the news, click here.
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Back in August of 2003, Mark Schembri brought MMORPG.com readers an in-depth look at the game: Endless Ages. Garnering a 7.5 from our reviewer (exactly the same score given it by you, our readers), two years later, the game is still going.

Schembri’s review describes his own personal experience within the game, being led around by no less than the VP of the Avaria Corporation who developed the game. High marks for this game went to Fun: 9, Community: 9, Performance / Lag: 9 and Customer service 8. Rounding out the review were the weaker categories of Graphics: 7, Sound: 6, Role-playing: 6 and value: 7.

Some memorable quotes from Schembri’s review:

  • Graphically speaking, the game is on par with the original Everquest with some noticeable tweaks.
  • The FPS elements in the game are very evident even with battles with NPC monsters. Twitch gamers will definitely find a home here.
  • Overall, Endless Ages seems to be a good game progressing down a path much traveled in past few years. While this game is still in its infancy, there is a sense that the folks behind this product have the right frame of mind to bring success to their little corner of the universe.
To read the full review, Here.
For Endless Ages Screenshots, click Here.
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Our Readers certainly have strong opinions on the recent decision by the developers of Star Wars: Galaxies to completely re-vamp their game. When the item hit our News Room, our readers were quick to add their thoughts and feelings on the SWG “Update 25”.

“I give SWG 6 months before the "Servers shutting down" message. Burn it down, throw it out and start again without Koster's input. Get some SW writers in there and make it in the New Jedi Order time period.” – Fernus

“Hooray, no more overpowered Jedi alpha class. I re-subscribed today and can’t wait to play tomorrow, see you in-game!” - Pirrg

“Have fun! I'll be playing COV a lot longer then SWG will be around. The NGE just isn't what I'm looking for. Too much geared toward the console crowd, combat = button mashing (mouse clicking), gas gauge skill system that leaves no room for the imagination. So have fun!” – Firebird1

“I've been a loyal player of SWG for 2 years now and this upgrade really did the game a disservice. I've cancelled my accounts and wish 'em the best.” – TeamTwin

The overall feeling on the site seems to be that Star Wars Galaxies has made a mistake with their choice to make dramatic changes to a game that already had some serious problems. While some feel that the changes may help, an overwhelming number are skeptical. Do you agree? Disagree? Let us and your fellow board members know!

Next time, we will be asking for your input on a controversial issue. Keep an eye on the boards for a topic titled “Off the Boards”!

Game of the Week

Game of the week
Horizons is a fantasy MMORPG that allows players to play either bipedal races, or an ever-popular dragon. Set in the world of Istaria, this game has survived its share of hardship. The game has been reviewed twice on our site, once in Feb. of 2002, and again in Aug. 2005. Our Rating: 7.1 and 7.1. Our reader’s rating: 7.0. What do you think?

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