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MMORPG.com Newsletter Issue 08, January 9th, 2006
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On January 4th (Wednesday), SOE announced expansions for not one, but two of its games. Both EverQuest and EverQuest 2 will soon be getting brand-new expansions, “Prophecy of Ro”, and “Kingdom of Sky” respectively. Both expansions will be available for purchase and download in February. Find out more,article, here and here.

Also on January 4th (Wednesday), the MMORPG community had to say goodbye to yet another of its games. Smiling Gator Productions, the developers responsible for Twilight War, announced both the company’s closure, and the game’s cancellation. We here at MMORPG.com wish the developers the best of luck in future endeavors. click here.

Finally, and also on January 4th (Wednesday), Runestone Game Development, the developers making the game, Seed, announced a new partnership with Alchemic Dream Inc. who will provide the game with “customer support, localization and game mastering services”.click here.
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This week marked the announcement of the winners of the MMORPG.com 2005 Editorial Awards. Chosen by the staff, these games represent (in our opinions) the best in the categories of: Expansion of the Year, Company of the Year, Most Anticipated of 2006 and Game of the year. The winners were announced as follows:

  • Expansion of the Year: EverQuest II: Desert of Flames
  • Company of the Year: Cryptic Studios (City of Heroes, City of Villains)
  • Most Anticipated of 2006: Age of Conan
  • Game of the Year: City of Villains

Also, stay tuned for the announcement of the winners of MMORPG.com’s 2005 Readers Choice Awards, where the winners are chosen, by vote, by the readers. Preliminary voting has already closed, but there are a few categories that have gone into run offs, so the winners will be announced on Jan. 16th.

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This week’s “Off the Boards” focuses on an issue that has been hotly debated in the media and elsewhere. The idea of video games (and in this case, MMORPGs), having a negative impact on society. Our member, SLmag started the thread with the following post:

“I'm a journalist writing a story on virtual gaming, with focus on the tendency of parents, corporations etc to blame MMORPGs for deaths, antisocial behavior etc. There are a bunch of laws now attempting to protect gamers, but where should the responsibility lie? There are now people being murdered foir virtual theft and so on. The line between fantasy and reality seems to be blurring a bit, but the blame game feels unfair to me. Anyone care to comment? I'd be grateful. Matthew”

There have already been a number of varied responses to the question, some people in this debate believe that games could be held responsible, but it seems as though people on these boards feel that players should take responsibility for themselves in these situations. I believe that this is a debate that deserves some attention. If you feel strongly about this issue (and I know many of us do), then we encourage to add some constructive feedback to an already very interesting thread.

What are your opinions on this hotly debated subject? Let us know in our forum by, clicking here.

Game of the Week

Game of the week
This week, we are taking a glance at a game that seems to be a favorite with some of our readers, EVE Online, This game has consistently raised the bar in terms of Peak Concurrent Users in the MMORPG genre where all players exist in the same world at the same time. At last report, they had capped at 22K + users online together.

This sci-fi MMORPG breaks the usual fantasy mould of the genre, offering players a unique gaming experience. In a September 2004 review, our own Reed Hubbard gave this game an 8.3.

What do you think?

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Joke of the Week

We were really pleased with the responses that we received for the Joke of the Week. Thanks to everyone for submitting. There were some laughs here at the office, and when it comes down to it, that’s exactly the kind of thing that makes this job fun for us.

In the end, we could only publish one today. We decided to go with a classic response that made us laugh.

A Troll and a Paladin walk into a bar… You'd have thought the Paladin would've warned the troll!

Thanks so much to Mark Henrikson for sending that one to us!

For next week’s joke, we’d like to try asking for something a bit different. This week, we are looking for amusing screenshots and captions. When you send it, along with the caption, we would ask that you identify the game as well.

As always, you can mail your submissions to newsletter@mmorpg.com. We look forward to hearing from you!

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