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Issue 284, May 9, 2011
In the news
Sony has confirmed that data was indeed compromised by hackers as a result of the recently announced intrusion of the service.

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EVE Online's tie-in shooter DUST 514 now has a website, complete with a fairly cryptic message.

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Funcom has updated the official The Secret World website with dossiers on a number of the game's non-player characters.

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Xsyon: Review Survivor Guy has been playing a lot of Xsyon lately, enough so that he's ready to reveal the official review of the game.

Xsyon really fills me with confusing emotions. On the one hand it is a game which is easy to love, the graphics have a certain charm, it is immersive, the crafting elements are sublime - but on the other I really question just if there is an actual "game" to it all.

Ultimately Notorious Games' creation feels just a little bit pointless. And before anyone screams murder and points out the futile objectives to any MMORPG, Xsyon just seems to take it further than any of its counterparts. The unstructured nature will no doubt attract many loyal followers, but for anyone looking for an experience more than a set of persistent building tools, this just isn't the game for you. Most elements are underdeveloped, and while there is a huge potential for greatness, there is as much potential for it to fail and fall into obscurity.

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Star Wars: The Old Republic: PvP Hands-On Preview
During a recent visit to EA's Redwood Shores studio for Star Wars: The Old Republic "Immersion Day", Community Manager Mike Bitton had the opportunity for a hands on preview of one of the game's most closely guarded features: PvP and Warzones.

For those of you interested in the Sith Warrior, I can tell you that a pissed off Sith Warrior is really something to fear; if you know what you are doing there is simply very little way to escape his wrath. In close combat he has a number of high damaging abilities including an awesome Impale move and a heavy bleed DoT. At range, the Sith Warrior can Force Choke his enemies stunning them during the three second channel, and then Force Scream at them for a one-two punch of CC and high ranged damage. This proved very useful at dealing with runners, but if that's not enough your charge is extremely effective as well.

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This week's Game of the Week, Earthrise, comes from the Bulgarian developer Masthead Studios. Announced in January, 2008, players have been looking forward to the post-apocalytpic science-fiction MMORPG for some time, and they'll have to wait only a bit longer as the game is currently set for release sometime in Q2 of this year.

Earthrise is set on the island of Enterra, where, following a catastrophic third World War, the remaining population has established a new and prosperous city called Sal Vitas. Sal Vitas is replete with all sort of advanced technology fitting of a science-fiction world, such as nanotechnology, cloning, and even quantum engineering.

The game features a unique skill-based advancement system and a wholly player-driven economy, as well as a strong focus on PvP. Players looking for their next sandbox fix should keep a close eye on Earthrise.

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The Week that Was
Monday, May 2
Star Wars: The Old Republic: Powertech Multiplayer Preview

Tuesday, May 3
Age of Conan: Paikang Ditrict Revealed

Wednesday, May 4
Star Wars: The Old Republic: Space Combat Presentation

Thursday, May 5
The Secret World: Seven Years of Content

Friday, May 6
Star Wars: The Old Republic: PvP Interview
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