Issue 617
May 5, 2018
The Bless Online team has a nice send off as you head into the weekend. They've released a new gameplay trailer that shows off the Paladin and how it will work in concert with other character classes during battle. It's a lovely video that you definitely won't want to miss. Happy Friday!
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Rockstar's Red Dead Redemption 2 is due out for PlayStation 4 and XBox One in October 2018. To prime players for the forthcoming Old West themed game, a brand new trailer has been released.
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ESO's latest expansion is roaring along on the PTS, and this week I'm continuing my thoughts on the new content. As I continued to delve deeper into Summerset and all its new chapter glory, I felt overall my satisfaction peaked. I don't mean that in a negative way, in fact I am happy at where it peaked. I'm overall happy with how Summerset came and how it was designed. With that being said, let's go into a little more detail this time on what made the journey as fun as it has been.
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According to Reddit, a former Daybreak Game Company employee has dished a bunch of inside information about what was...or development at the troubled studio. According to the now-deleted (but reposted) rumor, EverQuest 3 and PlanetSide 3 are said to be in development.
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Many, many moons ago a man by the name of David Brevik helped to create a little game. That game was Diablo, it was somewhat successful. Over the course of Brevik's history he would also help with Diablo 2, now he's back with his own company Greybeard Games with their first game It Lurks Below. It's themed as a retro-styled, 2D, action-oriented, survival RPG that is currently a part of Steams Early Access program. This is our preview of It Lurks Below.
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City of Titans is a fully-Kickstarter funded superhero MMORPG from Missing Worlds Media. It is the Unreal Engine based spiritual successor to City of Heroes, with a focus on player choice, player customization, and big explosions. Flexibility in character creation is matched by select-able personal storylines and more. It is a buy to play MMO, with an optional subscription.

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