Issue 541
May 28th, 2016
Kotaku is citing a pair of 'reliable sources' indicating that No Man's Sky will slip past its currently scheduled June 2016 release date and may not show up until late July or August at the earliest. According to a Gamestop employee, stores were informed that the date had changed since the printing of promotional material thus requiring the date to be covered up with "Coming Soon".
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The first Warcraft movie reviews are in and are showing a mediocre reception at best. Variety subtitles it "Hollywood's habit of turning hit video games into unwatchable movies continues unabated" while The Wrap says "swords, sorcery and stupidity abound in game adaptation".
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In the Banner Saga 2 you begin the game shortly after the original ended. You can import your saved data from the Banner Saga and your save states will impact the story in the Banner Saga 2. Fortunately if you didn't play the game or made decisions you regret you can always start anew...
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Those who have been nervously climbing the walls for the past two weeks are now sated with the final arrival of Overwatch. Some server woes stopped players in their tracks but they seem to have more or less resolved themselves as millions of players score millions of more Bastion kills.
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Now that they're both in the wild, the war rages on between fans of Battleborn and Overwatch - two similar (at first glance) games competing for gamers' attention this summer. While there's little doubt that Blizzard's shooter is dominating the marketing airwaves, our own Suzie Ford recently penned a column on why you can love and play both. And really, you can because they're two vastly different games that happen to look the same on the outside or at first blush. But for me, there are some obvious parallels to two rival MMOs from 2004, and just how the next few months will play out.
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Hex developed by Cryptozoic Entertainment is a free to play trading card MMORPG. It aims to create a compelling experience by combining a great community with roleplaying aspects simultaneously. Join either the Ardent humans, coyotie, orcs, and elves or the Underworld dwarves, vennen, shin'hare, and necrotic.
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