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.Issue 389, May 25, 2013
Top News of the Week:
Mark your calendars! Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn launches this August!

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Carbine Studios' Jeremy Gaffney has confirmed WildStar will make use of a hybrid business model.

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ArenaNet has announced a permanent price reduction for Guild Wars 2.

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Ecol Tactics Online: Review
Ecol Browser is what we call an "in between game" for many reasons. We have played Ecol Tactics quite a bit recently and have some thoughts to share about how it fits in the MMO space. See why we call it 'browser candy' before heading to the comments.

The artwork and graphics are adorable in that JRPG/anime way. The look harkens back to some of the Japanese import platform games I had from back in the day; no camera control, always the same ¾ view from above, but it does the job. The attack animations are pretty good considering the limited nature of the 2-D rendering, and the music is bubbly and pleasant.

You can read the full review here.

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WildStar: The Settler and Scientist Paths Detailed
At a recent press event in San Francisco, we got a first hand look at Carbine Studios' WildStar. We have a full preview of what we saw that you won't want to miss.

Along with their trusty scanbots, Scientists scour the land researching and analyzing the local plant and animal life. They can then use what they learn scanning flora and fauna to gain new skills and enhancements. They can also use their big brains to do things like solve puzzles. No puzzle solution is ever the same twice however thanks to an algorithmic system built into the game to stop players from going online and spoiling the challenge for other people, so the next time you hit a set of switches to open a door you'll have to figure it out all over again. Scientists can also hunt down hidden lore spread throughout the world and can even find items that will lead to unique quests only available to them.

Check out the preview here.

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Game of the Week
World of Warcraft is one of the premier subscription MMORPGs, and has helped spread the entire genre into mass markets across the globe. Players enter the world of Azeroth, a fantasy realm of swords and sorcery, exotic races, mystical creatures, world turmoil, high adventure, and war.

Created by Blizzard Entertainment, and based on the Warcraft series of RTS games first released in the mid 1990s, WoW expanded on the early Warcraft single player franchise and is now a vibrant multiplayer world, where players may engage in roleplaying, PvE, PvP, dungeon instances, battlegrounds, arenas, and raids.

WoW has received four different expansions so far, including The Burning Crusade, Wrath of the Lich King, Cataclysm, and Mists of Pandaria, and is still going strong.

World of Warcraft's most recent expansion, Mists of Pandaria, introduces players to Pandaria, a new land south of Kalimdor and the Eastern Kingdoms that's been magically hidden since the time of The Sundering. Its playable inhabitants are called the Pandaren, a neutral race of humanoid pandas who are heavily influenced by ancient Chinese myth, legends, and wuxia, and who can choose to join either the Alliance or Horde factions.

The expansion also adds more content and improvements to the game, such as raising the level cap from 85 to 90, introducing the new Monk class, a reworked vanity pet system, a new pet battle system, new dungeons, raids, battlegrounds, and more.

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This Week
Monday, May 20
Final Fantasy XIV: Dungeons in FFXIV

Tuesday, May 21
Guild Wars 2: 'Consistent Steady Growth'

Wednesday, May 22
Dungeons & Dragons Online: Update 18 and the Shadowfell Conspiracy

Thursday, May 23
Neverwinter: Foundry Focus: Torment and the Catastrophe

Friday, May 24
The List: The Worst MMORPGs of 2013...So Far
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