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Issue 234, May 24, 2010
In the news
CCP Games announced that Tyrannis, the upcoming free expansion to EVE Online has been delayed.

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Realtime Worlds and Valve Software have announced that Steam pre-orders for the cops-n-robbers MMOG All Points Bulletin have begun.

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Blizzard announced that BlizzCon tickets will go on sale in June this week.

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AOC: Rise of the Godslayer Review's Bill Murphy has been playing the first Age of Conan expansion, Rise of the Godslayer and today brings us his official review of the new addition.

The new faction system that was added with Godslayer is also a boon of carrots on proverbial sticks for returning and existing players.

You can read the full article here.

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SWTOR: Possible Playable Races, Pt. 2's Michael Bitton continues with part two of a three part series examining possible races to be included in Star Wars: The Old Republic.

The Miraluka are a distinctly Force-sensitive race who are also entirely absent of eyes and thus normal sight..

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This week's game of the week is the MMO that has been the hub of conversation ever since its launch earlier this year.

Like it or hate it, Cryptic's Star Trek Online has been one of the most talked about subjects on the forums. The game's detractors feel that it is too shallow a game, and many take exception to Cryptic's decision to include the game's C-Store, a place where in-game items are available for real money. In the early stages, this includes two playable races.

Fans of the game enjoy its casual nature and storytelling within the Star Trek universe, exploring a new time frame in Federation history where Starfleet is at war once again with the Klingons, the Borg have returned and all kinds of new surprises wait.

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The Week that Was
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