Issue 570
May 20th, 2017
Now that the proverbial cat is out of the bag, the Wild West Online team is ready to talk about their game, crowd funding options and more. Most interesting is the news that the game will bypass Steam Early Access to dive straight into full release later this year.
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During the Destiny 2 game play reveal event, Bungie announced that the PC version of the game will be available exclusively on the Blizzard Launcher, not Steam as many had predicted. The announcement was made by Blizzard's Mike Morhaime.
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To make this easy, The Surge is Edge of Tomorrow meets Dark Souls, which is a very apt analogy now that I think about it. The grungy sci-fi setting mixed with gameplay that can be broken down as Live, Die, Repeat, Break controller in an uncontrollable rage fit. Yup. Sounds about right.
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Artcraft has announced that Crowfall is "unlocking Archetypes" to allow players to choose what race and archetype they want to play without restriction. Previous to this, several Archetypes and / or races were bound together, mainly due to cost factors. Because of continued support from the community and other fund raising efforts, that is no longer an issue.
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I feel absolutely privileged to be at the Destiny 2 gameplay reveal in LA today. Then I realized that literally everyone in the gaming press and influencer world is here, and realized "Holy sh*t... we're finally getting Destiny on the PC." I've spent my morning with both the PC version's demo Strike, and the PVP, with my Campaign session coming later today. The Inverted Spire is the first new group content we're getting hands on with, and I must say, Destiny 2 feels right at home on PC.
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In Destiny 2, the Red Legion has decimated the last safe city and it lies in ruins. This is where the player steps in to take on the role of a Guardian, the protectors of humanity with powerful abilities and weapons to take the fight to the Red Legion. Work with others to unite the city's inhabitants to work together and to fight to reclaim their homes.

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