Issue 437
May 2nd, 2014
Trion Worlds has announced that Defiance will officially be going free to play on June 4th for PC and tentatively on July 15th for PlayStation 4. The team is also in discussions about bringing Defiance to the XBox 360.
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Ever since I played Dust 514 on PlayStation 3, I've been itching for CCPs first-person shooter to arrive on PC. With today's unveiling of Project Legion at EVE FanFest, it feels like those prayers are being answered - but in a surprising new way. Don't expect a straightforward port though, as the vision for this new title is much deeper than its console-based predecessor.
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Elder Scrolls Online is one of the most anticipated MMOs in recent memory. With a series that's revered by millions across the globe, the stakes have been high for developer Zenimax Online since the game's announcement. How do you even begin to take an epic single-player game and turn it into an MMO without upsetting at least a few thousand people? Its missteps and hardships have been well publicized, but is there a solid game underneath all the forum-based ire?
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The Elder Scrolls Online site has been updated with a fantastic new letter that lays out the team's plans for the game throughout the balance of 2014. First, the details of the latest patch are laid out followed by some interesting tidbits about what's in store.
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Human Equation is looking to change the alternate reality game scene with their persistent ARG based on The Black Watchmen from The Secret World. I had the pleasure of chatting with Andrea Doyon from Human Equation to find out more about what they have planned, what they plan to do if their fundraiser is a huge success, and also what happens if it doesn't make it.
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The Black Watchmen is a Massively Multiplayer Online Permanent Alternate Reality Game (MMOPARG) where players join the Black Watchmen forces in a series of challenges involving real world and in-game puzzles, geo-caching, research and hacking. Based on the authorization level you give, your real life becomes part of the storyline, from simple text messages to a black SUV parked in front of your house. The gameplay includes a companion app which expands the game to your region of the world, adding playfield every time a player joins in. You can be stalked by a virtual sniper or currently helping a player eradicating enemies in his little town up in Siberia. Missions range from single player to large-scale raid of 4,000 players.
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