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Issue 283, May 2, 2011
In the news
Gazillion Entertainment has announced the launch of their family-friendly MMO Marvel Super Hero Squad Online and have also released a new trailer to boot.

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The latest Friday Update to the official Star Wars: The Old Republic website gave fans a closer look at the armor progression for the Sith Warrior.

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Are you both an aspiring director and an avid Guild Wars 2 fan? If so, you may be interested in ArenaNet's newly announced contest.

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Xsyon: Review Survivor Guy has been playing a lot of Xsyon lately, enough so that he's ready to reveal the official review of the game.

Xsyon really fills me with confusing emotions. On the one hand it is a game which is easy to love, the graphics have a certain charm, it is immersive, the crafting elements are sublime - but on the other I really question just if there is an actual "game" to it all.

Ultimately Notorious Games' creation feels just a little bit pointless. And before anyone screams murder and points out the futile objectives to any MMORPG, Xsyon just seems to take it further than any of its counterparts. The unstructured nature will no doubt attract many loyal followers, but for anyone looking for an experience more than a set of persistent building tools, this just isn't the game for you. Most elements are underdeveloped, and while there is a huge potential for greatness, there is as much potential for it to fail and fall into obscurity.

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Star Wars: The Old Republic: Bounty Hunter Multiplayer Preview Community Manager Mike Bitton recently had the opportunity to visit EA's Redwood Shores studio for Star Wars: The Old Republic "Immersion Day". During the event, Mike got a first hand chance to experience multiplayer with other members of the press. Mike chose to play the Bounty Hunter during the event. Check out what Mike discovered in his Bounty Hunter Multiplayer Preview.

The Bounty Hunter story is kind of a Wild West tale. You show up on Hutta and get involved with some interesting individuals and unsavory characters while trying to make your way off-world in order to participate in a bounty hunter competition known as the Great Hunt. In order to gain entry to this competition a hunter must be sponsored and one of the local crimelords, Nem'ro the Hutt, just so happens to be capable of doing so. Mako, the bounty hunter's first companion, arranges a meeting with Nem'ro and Nem'ro isn't immediately convinced that he should sponsor you, which results in being given a number of tasks in order to prove your worth.

Some of these tasks are fairly brutal as well. For one, I was sent to make an example of someone who'd crossed the Hutt. My task was to kill him and deliver his head to his wife in a sack. Showing up to undertake this gruesome endeavor isn't a matter of a simple firefight and looting the head off the guy's corpse, only to return to the some quest NPC and gain an experience reward. Instead, what transpires is actually a fairly brutal cutscene where the bounty hunter clocks the guy over the head with his pistol, presses his knee into the poor guys back while he lays helpless on the floor and pretty much saws his head clean off his neck. While absent of blood, it is still fairly graphic and I was both shocked and impressed to find such a scene in the game.

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Guild Wars 2 is the upcoming sequel to Guild Wars. Currently in development at ArenaNet, Guild Wars 2 will offer the same free to play model as the original game series while introducing a host of graphical and mechanics upgrades.

Guild Wars players will find only their character names and achievements carry over, as everything else is planned to be completely new. Where characters could only move with mouse clicks, now there will be a full range of motion in 3-D for each character, destructible environments, a mentoring system to let higher and lower level players join forces, and additional layers to PvP.

The Mists, a new area, will offer large-scale world versus world battles in addition to the much-loved solo or guild versus guild PvP. PvP and RP characters will no longer be distinguished from each other, and the level cap will be higher than the original game's 20.

Notably, the land of Tyria itself will undergo shifts in terrain and structure following large-scale destruction vital to the game's plot. The plot is set 250 years after the Eye of the North expansion, and concerns the awakening of dragons long believed to have been defeated and rendered powerless in slumber. Their awakening not only causes panic but flooding and massive destruction as others rise up to try and stop this ancient force. A release date is yet to be announced.

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