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.Issue 388, May 18, 2013
Top News of the Week:
Trion Worlds has announced that RIFT will go Free-to-Play this June.

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Origin Crisis, the latest DLC for DC Universe Online, is now live.

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CCP Games is celebrating the launch of DUST 514 with an array of new packs.

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Darkfall: Unholy Wars: Review
For the past several weeks, we've been delving into Darkfall: Unholy Wars, and after along week spent experiencing the clan warfare, and more "hardcore" aspects of DFUW, we're ready to put a final stamp on our critique.

Darkfall: Unholy Wars is a unique title. Full-loot, full-PvP, in a huge sandbox is a daunting and gruelling mechanic for an MMO. But it makes for an experience like no other MMO. The combat is fast paced, crafting is integral and character progression is constant. In addition to this, clan warfare is highly encouraged, allowing for full on clan battles, which is where the fun starts. Aventurine have made a good go of polishing up their game from the first iteration of Darkfall. Unholy Wars truly shows off what a hardcore MMORPG really is and can be.

You can read the full review here.

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WildStar: The Summer of WildStar is Upon Us
Carbine Studios is ramping up coverage of WildStar, a game that is beginning to look like a genre changer. We spent a long while speaking with Jeremy Gaffney and have a tome of new information to share.

Carbine Studios' WildStar is gaining more and more steam in the hearts and minds of expectant MMO gamers as it drives through Closed Beta on its way to launching later this year. Mixing the traditions of theme-park MMOs with the sensibilities of play-how-you want sandbox MMOs, WildStar seems like it's poised to please a lot of gamers when it finally does launch. That is, if they can make good on all of the design principles and promises they hold so dearly... because lordy, if they do pull it all off? Carbine's flagship title is going to be a world rife with fun for just about every MMO player out there. We caught up with Executive Producer Jeremy Gaffney to find out how Closed Beta 1 has gone, and what's coming up in Closed Beta 2 and beyond.

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Game of the Week
Star Wars: The Old Republic is a premier MMORPG from BioWare and LucasArts set in the Star Wars universe. Set a thousand years before the tale told in the movies, players choose to join the Galactic Republic or the Sith Empire as a time of tenuous peace seems about to vanish.

Take on the role of many distinguished Star Wars classes, such as Jedi Knight, Smuggler, Sith Warrior, and Bounty Hunter, and forge your own path with either the light or dark side of the Force. Search for adventure and excitement throughout a game galaxy more than 30,000 parsecs wide, or as close as the nearest wretched hive of scum and villainy.

Is the Force with you?

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This Week
Monday, May 13
Christina Gonzalez: Promoting RP is Good for Community

Tuesday, May 14
RIFT: Going Free-to-Play June 12

Wednesday, May 15
The Secret World: A Year Later

Thursday, May 16
Bill Murphy: The Beta is a Lie

Friday, May 17
Devil's Advocate: Loving Rift's Shift
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