Issue 490
May 17th, 2014
The third in a series of articles designed to reveal the Elite Specializations coming to all classes with the Heart of Thorns expansion has debuted on the official site. This time, the Necromancer's specialization is revealed. Called The Reaper, Necros will have the ability to wield a two-handed greatsword to become a devastating melee brawler facing off against as many foes as can be gathered.
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Over at Reddit, in the same thread that apparently verifies WildStar is going Free to Play, a Carbine Studios employee let the cat out of the bag that Blade & Soul is still coming to the West, and that it's already in Friends & Family beta testing internally.
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Shadowrun seems to be a hit-or-miss type of intellectual property since its start in 1989. The title enjoyed a wildly successful pen and paper iteration in the 90s, which I relished in immensely during my high school days, but the video game versions never grabbed me until 2013's Shadowrun Returns.
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Thanks to a tip from reader Zoltariel, it seems that Steam's Database has been updated with a WildStar entry, signifying a possible move to a Free to Play (not Buy to Play) revenue model.
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Every MMO gamer knows of the title "EverQuest." Some of you actually played it, but the rest usually listen wearily while EQ veterans wax and wane about the so-called glory days. Regardless of your position on the game, there's no doubting that EQ fans are some of the most passionate you'll meet, and their insatiable appetite for nostalgia goes unrivaled.
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Blade & Soul is a martial arts fantasy MMORPG currently in development by NCsoft and its Team Bloodlust division. The game will have stylized art and character designs by famed artist Hyung-tae Kim, and will feature lush environments and gameplay that borrows elements from fighting games, platformers, and even tosses in a few puzzles. More details to come!
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