Issue 439
May 16th, 2014
Wizards of the Coast today posted a notice of a filed lawsuit against Cryptozoic Entertainment. The suit names Cryptozoic's HEX: Shards of Fate as violating the copyright for Magic: The Gathering. "We will not permit the misappropriation of our intellectual property" said Barbara Finigan, Senior Vice President and General Counsel of Hasbro.
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Blizzard has posted a new article and three screenshots to show off the much improved female Night Elf. As one of the original races from the 2004 release of World of Warcraft, the female Nelf has received some much-needed proportion fixes (those hands!) and a more muscled appearance as well as some pretty cool facial features.
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Spiders' Bound By Flame could have been something great. Every show we saw the game at had us believing this could be the studio's breakout RPG. But at those shows, we only saw the game... we never played it. That should have been our first warning.
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Citadel Studios has announced the beginning of a KickStarter campaign for Shards Online. The page is packed with game play screens, a new video and some of the lore behind the forthcoming MMO.
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Raids. They're the hardcorest of the hardcorest parts of WildStar. The team at Carbine is in the final stretch to launch, with an Open Beta ongoing until the 18th of May, and head start launch at the end of the month. But Mike Donatelli, Design Director at the studio, took some time out late last week to give us the lowdown on one of WildStar's biggest flagship features: the raiding elder game. Read on to find out why Mike thinks Carbine's raids will make raiding something people actually enjoy again.
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Warframe is a free to play cooperative online third-person shooter. The sci-fi themed game sees players take on the role of the Tenno, a recently awakened ancient warrior race against several adversarial factions. Luckily, the Tenno still possess information and knowledge of Warframes, powerful armor suits, each with significant capabilities to help fight back against enemies.
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