Issue 618
May 12, 2018
We finally have the official word that Bless will be heading out the gate on Steam on May 28th. The brief, but action-packed, trailer shows off some gameplay and reveals the date that "Bless is Reborn".
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The Final Fantasy XIV Lodestone has been updated with a new developer blog to detail some of the quality of life improvements that players can expect when Under the Moonlight launches on May 22nd. Pets will have unique markers on the map as opposed to having the same ones as players. In addition, when logging in, players will see a list of achievements they're close to finishing and which can be completed in the area they're currently in. Lastly, an Improved Savage content warning is incoming!
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The official Steam launch announcement has arrived from Sandbox Interactive: Albion Online will be released on Steam on May 16th. It will include new achievements that will also be available for those who use the "native" Albion Online client.
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Today is a huge day for Funcom and the team behind Conan Exiles as the game moves out of Early Access and into full retail release with over a million copies sold. There will be a celebratory live stream later today, there's a bevy of fun and interesting new trailers to see and the full update notes have been released. Patch notes come with some descriptions of the new locations and the more detailed tweaks and improvements that have been made for today's launch.
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I loved Knights of the Fallen Empire and Knights of the Eternal Throne for many reasons, but the one frustrating aspect of the events that transpired in these expansions was their grandiosity. These expansions ask the question: wouldn't it be awesome to actually win and rule the galaxy? The answer is yes and no.
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Albion Online developed by Sandbox Interactive is a buy to play medieval MMO. It's a classless cross platform MMORPG that allows for endless possibilities. Across 800 different territories guilds can engage in PvP for control of the world.

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