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Issue 225, March 22, 2010
In the news
Nexon announced that Mabinogi Heroes would be coming to the West as "Vindictus" at this year's Game Developer's Conference.
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Bill Roper delivers his final State of the Game letter as Champions Online's Executive Producer, turning over the reins to Shannon "Poz" Posniewski.
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CCP Games debuted the first teaser trailer for "Tyrannis", the upcoming free expansion to EVE Online, this week.
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2Moons Review's Adam Tingle takes this look at Acclaim's 2Moons, a F2P game launched back in 2007.

With 2Moons I am of two minds, on the one hand we have lackluster game design and some very uninspired choices, on the other it is free. The game simply isn't good enough to really hijack your interests away from whichever MMORPG is charging you a monthly fee for at the moment but it is a slightly enjoyable distraction.

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Farmville Killed Gaming, V-Worlds, And Your Dog
The battle lines are being drawn between "social games" and traditional gaming, and the rhetoric is getting bloody. This past week, columnnist Scott Jennings took a look at the issue.

Farmville has 80 million players. That is... quite a lot. But it does not mean that World of Warcraft's 8+ million players suddenly stopped raiding Icecrown Citadel and got to work on their virtual gardens. It does not mean that 30 million Xbox 360 owners are going to suddenly trade in their consoles and HD TVs for a netbook that can run Mafia Wars.

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This week's Game of the Week is one that has been slowly gathering a great deal of fan support, even winning a most anticipated MMO nod in one of our competitors' reader's choice awards. That game, is APB.

The anticipation for this game shouldn't really surprise anyone as All Points Bulletin aims to bring a lot of the gameplay elements of games like Grand Theft Auto into the massive multiplayer realm.

Not only that, but I think that this game potentially appeals to the kid inside all of us that grew up playing old fashioned games of cops n robbers with the neighbourhood kids as the game looks to pit law enforcement players against gangs of evil-doers.

The game, which has been pushed back to see a launch in Q3 of this year will no doubt continue to turn more heads as new information becomes available in the near future. Recently, APB entered its third and final phase of Closed Beta.

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The Week that Was
Monday, March 15
Star Wars: The Old Republic: GDC 2010: Hands On With The Trooper

Tuesday, March 16
Vindictus: First Look Preview

Wednesday, March 17
Star Wars: The Old Republic: GDC 2010: Jake Neri Interview

Thursday, March 18
Age of Conan: GDC 2010: Rise of the Godslayer Preview

Friday, March 19
Star Wars: The Old Republic: GDC 2010: Muzyka and Zeschuk Interview
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