Issue 610
March 10, 2018
Drew Karpyshyn has left BioWare for the second time after rejoining the studio in 2016 and revealing he was working on Anthem in mid-2017. He had previously left BW in 2012 to "pursue his own projects". Karpyshyn will be working on "a number of other projects, including more original novels, an original sci-fi graphic novel I'm co-creating, and freelance gaming work". He has also revealed he's "officially working with Fogbank Entertainment & FoxNet Games", but has little more to say about it.
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According to German site, Massive Entertainment is working with Ubisoft Annecy, Redstorm, Reflections, Ubisoft Bucharest and Ubisoft Shanghai to bring The Division 2 to life. The document contained a prepared statement from Massive Entertainment's Creative Director Julian Gerighty.
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Vermintide takes place in the Warhammer universe. For those unfamiliar, it is a dark place full of death and disease. Plague rats and their larger cousins the Skaven rule the sewers of the human cities killing anything that goes down there. Vermintide 2 takes you out of the sewers and sometimes into the wildlands around the city. You have choices of up to fifteen heroes in this co-op fighter.
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Is the future of Rift one that takes its players to the past? With today's launch of Rift Prime, the new limited time subscription-only version of the game as it was at launch, we'll know soon enough. Prime is a fresh-start server with a subscription-only revenue model that will progress at an accelerated pace and will offer "players an alternative way to experience the game". In addition, the in-game shop has been greatly reduced to cosmetic goods and services only.
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Living World is back with the release of A Bug in the System, the latest chapter in Guild Wars 2's ever evolving narrative. Unfortunately, so is Palawa Joko. This king of the undead recently returned from the underworld and he has already turned his gaze on central Tyria. Since the closing moments of Daybreak, his Awakened have terrorized the Plains of Ashford and the cobbled streets of Divinity's reach with increasing regularity. Now, it is time to do something about it.
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Shroud of the Avatar in development by Portalarium Inc. will be a fantasy MMORPG concentrating on the player as much as possible. The choices a player makes in Shroud of the Avatar will have an affect on the world more than anything and lean toward avoiding grinding. In the world of Shroud of the Avatar, you can discover your very own adventure and create your own distinct story.

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