Issue 531
March 19th, 2016
Legendary has released the latest Warcraft movie trailer that that utilizes some of the same footage from an earlier trailer along with never-yet-seen images in the one minute spot. The movie is set to be released in late May in the EU and mid-June in North America.
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The Tree of Savior English version is ready to hit the ground running and the team has revealed the first details about its preorder packages. Ranging from $19.99 to $49.99, the packages come with premium currency, in-game items and months of access.
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Pantheon had its first showing to the media at GDC today and we were lucky enough to be there right away to check things out. The game is coming along nicely and really heralds back to the classic MMOs we love with a fantastic push into the future of how MMO are made. We got to watch a solid demo as well as see some of the new features that will impact characters and their interaction with the environment.
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Hearthstone fans can get a look at the latest game patch notes before heading to the Blizzard Store to pick up a preorder copy of the next expansion, Whispers of the Old Gods. In addition to the expansion preorder, today's update includes a Thai language pack, an improved Collection Manager, UI elements that are prepping the game for WotOG, the arrival of Lady Liadrin and overall bug fixes.
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A while back at PAX Prime, Goblinworks' former CEO Ryan Dancey said that he believed WildStar would very likely be the last big budget MMORPG for some time. Many, though hopeful we were, never expected EverQuest Next to come out in any state resembling its proposed ideas. Now, with the former on the ropes, and the latter completely cancelled, pundits and fans alike are bemoaning the death of the MMORPG. Which, not surprisingly, is something that's been heralded for years.
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Trove developed by Trion Worlds is a massive multiverse adventure game. Your character will live across a series of build-able, destructible, explore-able, and randomly created worlds. Each one will have its own objectives, monsters, buildings, and you'll live in it from the beginning until its end... whatever that may be. Things you might have created in one world, could wind up showing up in the next, as each world will pull from the hundreds or thousands of worlds that came before it. Even though a world might end, you'll carry pieces of it to keep forever in your own Cornerstone, which follows you from world to world and shares your past exploits with friends, strangers, and anyone in the next world. Trove is a game ripe for exploration, creation, destruction, and adventure. It seeks to find that sense of "newness" you experience when you first discover a new world or MMO, and to never let it go by constantly giving you new worlds to explore and conquer.
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