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.Issue 378, March 10, 2013
Top News of the Week:
The industry's best and brightest will join for our "Future of Online Games" panel at this year's PAX East. Get all the details at the link!

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Snail Games has announced a launch date for Age of Wushu.

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The Thunder King, the latest major update to World of Warcraft, has gone live.

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The Missing Ink: Review
The Missing Ink is not your run of the mill MMO. It's an often goofy parody of an MMO and appears to be a lot of fun. We've been playing in the realms of The Missing Ink and have a lot to say in our latest review.

The basic premise is that the world's stories are under siege by the inklings, who are destroying those stories by stealing the ink from them. You work at the Ministry of Defending Stories, is to adventure through the narrative, stop the inkling horde and take back the ink. It's your first day on the job. TMI combines both standard RPG questing with sandbox construction and comes in two flavours: Browser and Download.

You can read the full review here.

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The Social Hub: Getting the Stars to Realign
One of the things that profoundly affects any community is the closure of a game to which its been devoted. In a new column today, we take a look at what "losing" a game means in the bigger picture.

These days, I've been noticing a trend in the gaming press as mobile and free to play games shut down. When Rock Band mobile was shut down, some criticized the fact that people's DLC purchases were rendered worthless. This is common when games are no longer purchases and instead "licenses". Yet this is nothing new for MMORPG players. The recent death of the free to play publisher Outspark brought several games to a sudden end, leaving only Fiesta Online, its most successful game, in the hands of Gamigo. Players that purchased real-money currency from Outspark for any of the other games saw their purchases not refunded, but converted into Gamigo's currency. If players didn't like Gamigo's games, they were plain out of luck. There's a belief among some that we're potentially losing works of art due to the rise of online games, but for many gamers, the loss more often amounts more to experiences and opportunities.

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Game of the Week
Defiance is a buy-to-play, multi-platform scifi MMO currently in development by Trion Worlds and, in a groundbreaking merger, the Syfy network, in a bid to bring the intense nature of the third-person shooter together with the "persistence, scale and customization" of an MMO.

Defiance will unite the platforms across PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 in April 2012.

Learn more about Defiance here, or check out our game list here.
This Week
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Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Rising?

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Michael Bitton: A 'Next Gen' Opportunity

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Friday, March 8
Defiance: Twitch Gaming on a Massive Scale
Did You Know? has its very own Twitch.TV channel where we regularly stream all sorts of MMO goodness -- including live interviews (and demos) with game developers.

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