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Issue 186, June 29, 2009
In the news
EA shook up its MMO operations on June 24th. They announced that Ray Muzyka, the Co-Founder of Bioware, would be General Manager of a newly formed RPG group. This group includes Bioware (and Bioware Austin) and Mythic. With the move, Mark Jacobs is out as studio head at Mythic, replaced by Rob Denton. Jacobs later blogged about his departure.

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September 22nd, 2009 is the big day in North America for Aion. The next big fantasy MMO from NCsoft is set to launch, according to news from the company last Monday. Aion lets players fly in a high fantasy environment.

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On June 24th, Mythic launched Land of the Dead, the latest free update to Warhammer Online. This expansion adds a brand new high end contested area full of unique content. spoke to Mythic about the launch.

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Current Offer From Our Rewards Program's E3 2009 Awards
On Wednesday, unveiled its annual E3 Awards. This year, we changed things up a bit and awarded several Editor's Choice badges to titles that really impressed us, then one "Game of the Show" to the single game that really made our jaws hit the floor at the annual convention in Los Angeles, California.

In a bit of a surprise to some, Global Agenda picked up Game of the Show, an honor that was completely deserved given the absolutely brutally fun nature of the game.

For more awards and to find out who took home Editor's Choice nods click here.
E3 Video Interviews Galore
This E3, we did things a bit differently. We conducted dozens of on camera interviews with key gaming personalities about their companies and their games. Some highlights include:Check out the all the videos we offer here.

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Dungeons and Dragons Online was originally launched in 2006 as a traditional subscription MMORPG, but Turbine surprised a lot of people when they announced on June 9th that the game would transition to a free-to-play model.

Now dubbed Dungeons and Dragons Online: Eberron Unlimited, Turbine has optional subscriptions and a cash store coming to the game, as well as a load of new content.

We interviewed Turbine about the changes on June 26th. Read that here.

Included in the transition is a new class (The Favored Soul), a higher level cap (20) and the addition of DX10 visual support.

Learn more about DDO, here, or check out our game list here.
The Week that Was
Monday, June 22
Age of Conan: Update 5 Q&A

Tuesday, June 23
Editorial: Star Wars: The Old Republic, 12 Possible Classes

Wednesday, June 24
Huxley: Video Interview

Thursday, June 25
Age of Conan: Tarantia Commons Video

Friday, June 26
DDO Eberron Unlimited Interview
Columnists This Week
This last week, our weekly columnists produced some interesting discussions.

Richard Aihoshi looked at the spread of free-to-play to Western companies.

Dana Massey pitched A Comedy MMO.

Sanya Weathers gave everyone an insider's take at the game industry and top tier developers.

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