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Issue 185, July 22, 2009
In the news
The Aion Beta's NDA came down this week and NCsoft used the opportunity to announce the details of their pre-order program.

We used the chance to drum up a brand new preview of the game .

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It's time for another round of Beta testing. Monte Cristo Games announced last week that their city management MMO had finally hit Beta and they were accepting people to give the game a try.

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Blizzard is making some changes to PvP Battlegrounds in their mega-popular MMORPG. The team released a Q&A on the issue that should help fans learn about what they have in mind.

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New Dev Blog: WonderKing
We continue to enlist MMO developers to give you direct communication with them. This week, we debuted WonderKing, a new developer blog by the people behind the NDoors MMO.

They tell a bit about the company's background and the story behind WonderKing.

You can read the entire dev blog here.

More dev blogs can be found on our site here
Dana Massey: Build Better Social Bonds In MMOs
Modern mechanics have made pickup groups so easy that you don't ever need to talk to anyone. That was fine for hermits, but when you can experience all the content, in groups, without ever saying a word, the pendulum has shifted too far in the other direction.

Think of it this way. If when you walked into a bar, there was a menu on your table of the people in there and what they had in mind for the rest of the evening and all you had to do was touch a button beside their name and voila, you were off... well, let's just say the marriage rate in the United States would drop really freaking fast.

What's the point of making long term connections, if you can get what you need - in this case levels, sicko - without having to say a word?

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EA snapped up All Points Bulletin (APB) in an E3 announcement. This city shooter MMO is from the mind of David Jones, best known for a little game called Grand Theft Auto.

It's developed in Scotland at Realtime Worlds, a company that also brought Crackdown to the Xbox 360.

Of any game at E3, APB was the one most obviously pushing the boundaries of what is and is not possible in an online game. They've got full directional voice, an absurdly complex character and car customization system and much more.

What makes the game interesting though is their reliance on players as content. Get caught stealing a car? Real players are matched to track down the car jacker.

With polish and a top notch rig, this is definitely one of the most exciting games to watch in 2010.

Check out our E3 preview and video interview.

Learn more about All Points Bulletin, here, or check out our game list here.
The Week that Was
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CrimeCraft: Preview & Video Interview

Friday, June 19
FreeRealms: Guilds Added, Interview
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