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Issue 237, June 14, 2010
In the news
Icarus Studios entered the RMT fray this week with the launch of the Fallen Earth Item Store.

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The silence on Jumpgate Evolution was broken this week with an update from the game's Executive Producer

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ArenaNet revealed the Traits system for Guild Wars 2 this week.

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Re-Reviewing Camelot
Nine years after its original launch date, Mythic's Dark Age of Camelot is still running and our own Adam Tingle ventured back into the game to give it a new review.

In honesty, Dark Age of Camelot is a very mixed bag; overall the game is surprisingly pleasant, refreshing and very good for its age. The Player versus Player is still hugely entertaining and the game is still active (even if it is just one server). The problem for me however lies in its survival path; the game has changed into something different, something less adventurous and ultimately less immersive. You cannot help but wonder why doesn't the developer simply start every character at 50 and make the game about gathering gear for your character rather than concerning yourself with a short leveling stint.

If you love PvP and can put up with a purely one dimensional experience then absolutely try this game out. If you are however looking for an immersive MMORPG with great PvE, then ultimately this is not the game for you.

You can read the full article here.

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Guild Wars 2: Warrior Revealed
Joining the Elementalist on the roster of Guild Wars 2 classes is the Warrior, and we've got all the juicy details!

The Warrior has many weapon sets at his disposal, including the ability to dual wield. Warriors can use a variety of weapons, and they can be configured up to 19 different ways, including complementing their one-handed main-hand weapons (sword, axe, mace hammer) with another one handed weapon, or even a shield or warhorn. Though, according to ArenaNet, the Warrior is generally defined by their main hand weapon or a two-handed weapon such as a greatsword.

Warriors can also switch between two weapon sets in the heat of battle, though switching does initiate a cooldown, so you can't just switch back and forth willy nilly. Equipping the Weapon Master trait allows the Warrior to switch sets in battle more frequently. Outside of battle, a Warrior can set up his weapon sets and switch between them freely.

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This week's Game of the Week is Runes of Magic.

Back in 2009, reviewer Sean Bulger took a look at this free to play fantasy MMO, echo general sentiments that while the game is a bit generic and formulaic, Runes of Magic still hits the mark and gives you good bang for your buck.

Free-to-play games have a certain stigma attached to them by most people, at least in the West. They tend to have less content, fairly simplistic gameplay, and are often little more than mindless-grind fests. I've played a number of these types of games in the past, and every time I do, I question why I haven't learned my lesson yet. Runes of Magic has shown me why: because there's always the exception to the rule, and hopefully one that will be a trend-setter. It is far from being a perfect game, but many gamers out there may find that Runes of Magic has enough to it to hold their interest.

While Runes was developed by Taiwanese company Runewalker Entertainment - it was localized for the West by the German company Frogster - it shares a surprising amount in common with Western MMOs. In fact, I would say that Runes of Magic is an excellent example of a formulaic, generic MMORPG. Everything from the classes, the world, the story, the quests, the combat... It is all very generic. Honestly, even the UI looks like it was ripped right out of World of WarCraft or Warhammer Online. Yet, the game does do a few interesting things to it and it does come at the low, low price of $0 a month. That's hard to argue with.

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The Week that Was
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RIFT: First Look at the Champion

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