Issue 573
June 11th, 2017
The Dark & Light team has announced that closed beta sign ups for the first closed beta have opened up. Signs ups will be available from today through Thursday, June 15th, with the closed beta set to begin on June 20th. There will be a limited number of slots available to head over today to get signed up.
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UPDATE: Despite the press announcement calling it an "RPG", it is confirmed that MtG is going to be an MMO. Perfect World Entertainment and Cryptic Studios are going to twitterpate a lot of people today with their collective announcement that Magic: The Gathering MMO is indeed in development. The game is considered a "AAA MMO" being developed from the ground up for both PC and consoles.
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Elder Scrolls Online, and I make no secrets about this, is my current favorite MMORPG on the market. But I've loved the regular quarterly DLC that comes with the ESO Plus subscription. Can Morrowind, ESO's first chapter, truly make spending the extra $40 or more a worthwhile leap? In short, if you love story and ESO's best adventuring content - yes. This is our Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind review.
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The Wild West Online team has updated the site with the new Early Bird preorder program. The preorder packages available today contain limited time in-game items that will be removed from future preorders after July 7th. Packages include the Townie for $19.99, the Pioneer for $39.99 and the Collector for $59.99. Each comes with a variety of in-game items, account badges and Steam / Beta / Alpha / Early Access keys.
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Astellia is an upcoming MMORPG being prepped for release in North America from Barunson Studio. It's due out in CBT in Korea next month, and due to release in the beginning of 2018 overseas. While we're looking at the end of 2018 for its North American release from Nexon, we wanted to chat with Barunson Studio now to find out what we can expect.
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World of Tanks is the first MMO of its kind, a team-based game of armored warfare with tanks of the World War Two era. Developed by one of the original sites for wargamers,, WoT gives players the choice of over 150 tanks to fight with, and allows them to be upgraded according to role and play style. Virtual tank commanders can now guide their battlefield behemoths with and against other players to find out who is the greatest iron cowboy/girl.

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