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.Issue 391, June 9, 2013
Top News of the Week:
The first hints of EverQuest Next were teased out in an Twitter image posted by SOE's John Smedley.

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Neverwinter officially goes 'live' this month.

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Gazillion Entertainment is celebrating the launch of their F2P MMOARPG, Marvel Heroes, with a new cinematic trailer.

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Ragnarok Online 2: Review
Ragnarok Online has been wildly popular for many years so players have been eagerly anticipating the arrival of Ragnarok Online 2. We've taken a hard look at RO2 and offer up our official review.

For a good portion of this gaming generation, many of have played or at least glanced at Ragnarok Online. Apparently enough of us have played at least once or twice (millions in fact) it to spawn a sequel, and now Ragnarok Online 2 has stepped up to the plate to fill the rather big shoes of the original. Sporting brand new 3D graphics, while still maintaining the childish charm, I was actually surprised to see Ragnarok Online 2 as populated as it was. I can tell some might be playing it purely out of nostalgia but for the most part the game is decent enough play for a spell. This is especially true if you're bored and can't afford something that's more robust and entertaining in general. But it's not quite the same.

You can read the full review here.

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The List: Top Five Wants for E3 2013
In The List lately, we've been taking a look at "the mosts" for 2013. In our latest edition, we take a look at five games we really want to learn more about during next week's E3 convention. See what's caught our eye and then let us know what you hope to hear more about.

Finally. That's all I can say. I've played some of the Korean CBT for ArcheAge in the past, and even way back then I could tell there was something special being developed by Jake Song and XLGames. But whether the entire package works here in the states remains to be seen, and at E3 we'll get our first real taste of a localized ArcheAge. I really cannot wait, personally. There are only two games that come in ahead of ArcheAge, for different reasons.

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Game of the Week
Marvel Heroes is a free-to-play online action RPG from Secret Identity Studios and Gazillion Entertainment with significant MMORPG elements. Players will be able to play as Marvel superheroes and engage in Diablo-style gameplay while adventuring with other players in an MMO world.

The game features action RPG gameplay, tons of playable Marvel characters, loot-driven itemization, character advancement, group content, and a deep storyline.

Learn more about Marvel Heroes here, or check out our game list here.
This Week
Monday, June 3
World of Warcraft: Escalation

Tuesday, June 4
The Elder Scrolls Online: First Person Concerns

Wednesday, June 5
Michael Bitton: F2P Isn't a Charity

Thursday, June 6
Gameglobe: Hands-on Preview

Friday, June 7
Tingle's Touchy Subjects: Blizzard & Titan
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