Issue 442
May 30th, 2014
WildStar is arguably one of the most keenly anticipated titles to hit live service in 2014 and today marks the official start of the game. All players who have purchased a copy of WildStar are now invited to come on in to Nexus. To celebrate the momentous decision, Carbine Studios has released a brand spanking new trailer Check it out before starting your WildStar journey!
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No, it's not what you think. Trion has announced that Defiance is now "Now Safe For Wallet" as its free to play iteration goes into effect starting today. The free to play PC version comes with a host of interesting options for players to check out.
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Marvel Heroes has traveled an amazing road since launching in June of 2013. As Gazillion Entertainment prepares big anniversary happenings and to propel the game into its second year, we wanted to hear from Dave Brevik himself about the fantastic journey he and his team have been on. See what he had to say in our exclusive interview.
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Star Citizen has officially launched Arena Commander for fans and backers. Players will be very excited to play in this module live.
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Coming from several months of Elder Scrolls Online, Carbine's WildStar is an altogether different experience. It used to be, just a few years back, that if two high profile MMOs released in the same year, chances are they would mirror each other in tone and mechanics. Nothing could be further from the truth when it comes to ESO and WildStar. And for this I am thankful, because so far WildStar is a refreshingly upbeat and robust theme park MMO.
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Shards is a sandbox RPG in development for PC by Citadel Studios. It is a collection of online virtual worlds where the community has ultimate power; not just a game but a platform for player generated content.

In the multiplayer online game, players can fully customize their experience. Collaboration will determine how the world evolves. Explore an ever-expanding universe with deep lore and dynamic environments. Employ Shards' unprecedented modding capabilities. Connect servers, create and run your own MMO, set your own rules, and play how you want to play. Shards will change the face of multiplayer role-playing games and give players more power than ever before.
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