Issue 542
June 5th, 2016
Star Wars: The Old Republic devs have released the latest chapter update to the game called Mandalore's Revenge. Outlanders will finally be able to confront Emperor Arcann and will enlist Shae Vizla and the Eternal Fleet. Subscribers can access the new content as part of their membership.
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Blade & Soul Producer Nico Coutant has posted a new letter on the official site to talk about how the game has changed over the first four months of its life and gives a small peek ahead at what the balance of 2016 will bring to players and fans.
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For a change, let's start with a challenge: Can you find any article about digital CCGs (collectible card games) that doesn't mention Hearthstone at least once? See, I already did it myself. However, even if you are not the biggest fan of Blizzard's successful game, it is hard to neglect how much it opened the door for a new generation of great digital card games. One of those is Duelyst, a Kickstarter-funded little gem that is so much more than just a CCG.
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Cryptic Studios and Perfect World Entertainment have a pair of big announcements for Neverwinter. In summer 2016, Neverwinter will make the jump to PlayStation 4 that will include the base game, all eight playable classes and nine expansions.
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Big budgets and summer blockbusters are the popcorn and large coke of Hollywood and they cost millions. Every studio swings for the fences and expects massive numbers to hit with every summer film. Some do shockingly well, Guardians of the Galaxy, others do horrifically bad, the latest Fantastic Four. Now, before it has even been released to the public, the Warcraft film is dying quickly on the vine. It seemed like the perfect formula, a huge hit game with millions of players, a company that is incredibly successful, a smart director with great sci-fi credits, and millions of fantasy fans worldwide. So why is it that people see the movie dead before it even gets out of the gate?
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DUELYST is a fast-paced collectible card game with a tactical battlefield. Matches last between five and ten minutes, focusing on thoughtful decision-making and rewarding players with new battle units every regular season. Assemble and unleash your battle deck from over 330 cards across 6 unique Factions and test your mettle against other players in ranked season ladder and draft mode tournaments.
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