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.Issue 338, June 4, 2012
Top News of the Week:
Trion Worlds has released the E3 2012 trailer for their upcoming sci-fi MMO, Defiance.

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ArenaNet has announced the second beta weekend event for Guild Wars 2.

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Trion Worlds is set to expand RIFT with the announcement of the game's first expansion: Storm Legion.

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Aion: 3.0 Review
Aion 3.0 was officially released not that long ago and brought some significant changes to the game. We've been checking out what's new in our latest review. See what we think and then leave us your thoughts in the comments.

When Aion hit South Korea in late 2008, it was using an old engine. The CryENGINE was four years old to be precise, coming from that surprise-hit FarCry. It was a pretty piece of software if you recall - a palette of bright colours, nice effects, and lovely draw-distance, and it served NCSoft's game well, up until a point.

You can read the full article here.

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MMOFTW: Episode One
In the premiere episode of's weekly news recap for the MMO industry, we cover everything from Diablo 3 to The Secret World Beta, Rift expansion hints, SWTOR layoffs, and the floundering of 38 Studios and Big Huge Games.

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Game of the Week
Allods Online is a free-to-play MMORPG set on the fantasy world of Sarnaut, which was once a peaceful and thriving planet, until the Great Cataclysm sturck. Now, Sarnaut is a shattered world, with pieces called 'allods' (islands) floating about in the Astral. War after war has been fought for territory and resources since then, depleting a vast majority of the planet's formerly abundant population. Now, the remaining races have polarized into two factions, The League, and The Empire, and continue to fight for possession of valuable land and open Astral space.

Players enter the devastated world of Sarnaut through a choice of six races and eight classes, to help a chosen side in their fight to hold together a broken world. Explore relatively stable, and highly unstable, allods, seek out and fight Astral demons on familiar and remote allods, engage in ship-to-ship combat in the Astral, and even participate in Sarnaut's official pastime, Goblinball.

Learn more about Allods Online here, or check out our game list here.
This Week
Monday, May 28
The Secret World: Melee Skills Interview

Tuesday, May 29
Star Wars: The Old Republic: Will TOR Adopt 'Mega Servers'?

Wednesday, May 30
RIFT: Conquest Preview and Impressions

Thursday, May 31
RIFT: It's Zombie Killin' Time

Friday, June 1
PlanetSide 2: New Conglomerate Interview
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